Chapter 22: A Thief's End - Uncharted 4 Ending and Epilogue Walkthrough

A Thief's End

At the end of Chapter 21, Nathan and Sam had finally get to know where exactly Avery's treasure is hidden. Get ready for the one last fight to face off Rafe and Nadine. At the End you will also get to control Cassie - Nathan's your daughter in the Epilogue so without any further ado, let's begin with the ending walkthrough.

A Thief's End

A Thief's End

Start swimming towards the ship and as you get close you will see an explosion which is your entry point. Once you enter you one of the Shoreline guards dead than make you way from the all the treasure until you reach the door and the cutscene begins.

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Nathan vs Rafe

This fight won't be a normal shooting or action but starting with the dodging a few blows from Rafe's sword. Look for the hint which button to press to dodge the attack and get used to it as he will be soon swinging very fast that you must counter it. Finally, you get your hands on the sword.

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Now you can also swing and cut the juicy out of him by simply attacking him continuously and know when to dodge as he is good at blocking your attack. After exchanging few swings you will on the ground where Sam tosses you the sword back and then you give Rafe what he deserves.

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Swim for your Life

Start swimming for you life where you need to head towards the light which is the end of the cave, but you see everything here is collapsing and the end is near. Drive inside once the curtain falls and keep swimming until the cutscene starts and Enjoy the last cutscene of Nathan's Journey of Avery's treasure.

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Epilogue and Ending

The Epilogue will be just after the cutscene where you are playing the Crash Bandicoot again but this time, you are controlling Nathan's Daughter - Cassie. After the game is over you get to explore the house the beach and all the notes they have left behind. After you done exploring the House and the Beach, head towards the next house to look out for Nathan and Elena. 

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As you enter to pick up the book on the table and find the keys from the secret Wardrobe which Nathan is hiding from Cassie. Explore the Stuff and finally, the cutscene will begin where Nathan and Elena show up. Thus, The End of Nathan's Adventurous journey and you can now check out our Uncharted 4 Wiki guide to know more about the game, treasure locations, Easter Eggs and much more.

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