Doom 2016: Where to find the Argent Cell Location Guide

Argent Cell Location

In Doom 2016 there are various collectible you can pick up and upgrade your Suit or weapons. There are few pickups which can upgrade your health, armor, and ammo capacity and it is known as the Argent Cell. Here are the locations for all Argent Cells throughout the game.

Argent Cell Location

Where to find the Argent Cell

Resource Operations Argent Cell

The First Cell in the game which is hard to miss as you can easily figure it out while you enter the VEGA Terminal. In that room, Hayden will update you with your Mission and goals. You can use these points to upgrade your HP armour and ammo so do it wisely.

The Foundry Argent Cell

While Exploring the area you will come across a yellow door which you need to Open in order to get down towards this Cell.

Argent Facility Argent Cell

As you reach the are where you need to disable the Argent Filters and then get out of the area with the big blue force field. Head inside the building nearby and get down to the bottom to find this Cell behind the Machinery.

Argent Energy Tower Argent Cell

Once you find the Double jump boots head towards the end of the room then jump up on the ledges to reach the secret area where you will find the first Cell. 

The Second cell is at the end of the mission where you enter a room with the large red beam in the middle.

Kadingir Sanctum Argent Cell

The Area with the red Pool and dozens of enemies are where you will find your next Cell. Once you open the Blue Sky door you can see the cell inside the same room.

Argent Facility Destroyed Argent Cell

Once you've done activating the Crane Control, you need to head towards the landing pad and jump over. Walk towards the end to find this Argent Cell.

Advanced Research Complex Argent Cell

The First one can be found inside the Security office where you activate the Access Control.

The Second can found near the pipe towards the rock just after the Cargo Access Gate. You must drop down to the lower lever to grab this Cell from your right.

Lazarus Lab Argent Cell

Look to your right once you bring down the Helix Containment Field, you will grab the Cell from there.

Titan's Realm Argent Cell

Once the Yellow Door is cleared from bars you will see a small door on the right which has the Cell.

The Necropolis Argent Cell

Once you start the mission head through the portal to climb the stairs and you will find this cell with an artifact on your left.

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