Doom 2016: Where to Find all the AutoMap Station Location Guide

AutoMap Station Location

In Doom 2016, there are various collectibles you can found in each Mission of the game. These includes Data Logs, Elite Guards Upgrades, Field Drones, Automaps and much more. This Doom Guide will show you the exact location for all the AutoMap Station in each chapter. So without any further ado, let's begin with the AutoMap Station Location.

AutoMap Station Location

Where to Find all the AutoMap Station

The UAC AutoMap Station

Once you are done dealing with the Possessed demons instead of going down the hill you will head right towards the cavern to find the First AutoMap Station 

Resource Operation AutoMap Station

Once you manage to reset the Power to get the Satellite aligned you must head down the stairs and find this AutoMap Station.

Foundry AutoMap Station

After Following the conveyor belt to the main door, head inside and take down the enemies to get to the top floor. You will find the Station near the walkway and it's hard to miss this one.

Argent Facility AutoMap Station

Just after you make your way inside the Cooling Tower door, head towards the lower level to the Jammed door and get inside to find this AutoMap Station.

Argent Energy Tower AutoMap Station

Once you are ready to use the Jump boots towards the scaling tower, make sure you check the locked door into your right and retrieve the AutoMap Station.

Kadingir Sanctum AutoMap Station

Clear the area with the enemies right across the short Bridge where you encounter Mancubus then enter the room to get your hands on the AutoMap Station.

Argent Facility Destroyed AutoMap Station

After dealing with the monsters in the lobby, head left to see the AutoMap Station.

Advanced Research Complex AutoMap Station

This station is near the Security Office just before you activate the Access Control.

Lazarus Labs AutoMap Station

Get inside the Maintenance Room via Sector 5 door and then drop down into the room below to find this Station.

Titan's Realm AutoMap Station

Get inside the center Portal(at the lower level) and find the Station on your left.

The Necropolis AutoMap Station

In the same area where you grab the Yellow Skull from the Pedestal have a look on your right to find this AutoMap Station.

VEGA Central Processing AutoMap Station

You must find your access to Sector P and on your left is this AutoMap Station.

Argent D'Nur AutoMap Station

Clear the area where you encounter Hell Knight and Cacodemon then exit through the tunnel and towards the end you will jump across the ravine. now head right to find this last AutoMap station.

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