Doom 2016: How to Upgrade Praetor Suit Guide

Upgrade Praetor Suit

In Doom 2016, you will use the Praetor Suit which is very basic from the start and you must need to keep it upgraded in order to survive in the Demon world. There are certain requirements you must collect in order to upgrade the Suit and these include the Elite Guards Totems, Argent Cells, and the upgrades totally depends on your playstyle and approach. So let's look at various Upgrade and their requirements to Unlock.

Upgrade Praetor Suit

How to Upgrade Praetor Suit

The Praetor Suit has 5 different sections to Upgrade and each has a different approach on upgrades so you should know how and when to balance them accordingly. As you keep on upgrading the Suit it will help you survive longer in the game. So let's have a look at the different sections.

Environmental Resistance

Once you Find the Praetor Suit this section is open to Upgrade from the start and as the section says the upgrade will help you Resist the explosions and damage from environment much longer. If you Upgrade the Barrels O' Fun then you are immune to any barrel explosions. Here are the Upgrades

Hazard Protection
Effect: Decreases explosive barrel and environment damage by 1

Self Preservation
Effect: Decreases weapon self-damage by 2

Barrels O' Fun
Effect: Immune to any barrel explosion damage

Area-Scanning Technology

To Unlock this section you must make use of the AutoMap Station and this upgrade is for the player who loves to explore while playing. The Full View upgrade will help you to locate any nearby collectible.

Item Awareness
Effect: The Use of AutoMap will reveal the nearby exploration item which helps the player see even wider than his position.

Secret Sense
Effect: The Compass will pulse when near the secret area by 2

Full View
Effect: Every nearby collectible will automatically pop up on your AutoMap.

Equipment System

You must pick up and Equipment Item in order to unlock this section and it's majorly used to reduce the recharge duration of an equipment.

Quick Change
Effect: Decreases the recharge duration for equipment by 2

Stock Up
Effect: Increase total number of equipment charges by 3

Rapid Charge
Effect: Decreases recharge duration of equipment by 4

Powerup Effectiveness

You must make use of the Powerup to unlock this upgrade section and if you are a player who makes more use of the powerups then this is the right upgrade for you. This section is more useful towards the end of the game so make sure you keep it upgraded.

Power Surge
Effect: When a Powerup wears off a damaging blast wave is released by 1

Healing Power
Effect: Upon activating the powerup, health will be refilled to max capacity by 2

Power Extender
Effect: Increase the length of the time to keep the power up active by 3


In order to unlock Dexterity, you must have 4 weapons and this section will give your Suit an additional speed while you are swapping the weapons or climbing or anything. This is also one of the most important upgrades you must have by the end of the game.

Effect: Switch weapons 2x faster

Quick hands
Effect: Grab ledges 3x Faster

Hot Swap
Effect: Swap weapon Mods 4x faster

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