Fallout 4 Far Harbor Perks Guide: Adds New Ranks To Some Perks, All Details Revealed

Fallout 4: Far Harbor Perks List

Fallout 4: Far Harbor has finally arrived on retail shelves across the globe and there are a ton of new content available for players ranging from new missions, a new faction, quests, weapons and many other things. There are also SEVEN new perks in Fallout 4 Far Harbor, it allows players to customize their characters and provide some additional abilities. In this post, I am going to provide details on all new PERKS available in Far Harbor DLC and what all customization options/abilities unlocks with them.

Fallout 4: Far Harbor Perks List

Please note, the perks added via Far Harbor are not entirely new but instead it adds new ranks to some already available perks. You can read the full details below.

1: Strength
Strong Back Rank 5 (Level 40, STR 6): While over-encumbered, running costs 50% fewer action points.

2: Perception
Night Person Rank 3 (Level 37, PER 6): You have 30 extra health between the hours of 6 PM and 6 AM.

3: Endurance
Rad Resistant Rank 4 (END 6): You now have +40 Radiation Resistance.

4: Charisma
Lone Wanderer Rank 4 (Level 50, CHR 3): When adventuring without a companion, you have 25 more action points.

5: Intelligence
Scrapper Rank 3 (Level 40, INT 5): You get more from salvaging.

6: Agility
Action Boy/Action Girl Rank 3 (Level 38, AGI 5): Your Action Points regenerate 75% faster.

7: Luck
Critical Banker Rank 4 (Level 50, LCK 7): You can now save 4 Critical Hits, to be used in V.A.T.S. when you need them the most.

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