Fallout 4: Far Harbor DLC Walkthrough - Best Left Forgotten, DiMA's Memory Puzzle Solution

Best Left Forgotten

After gaining Children of Atom's Trust in Chapter 4, you can now access the Nucleus which is a Radioactive Submarine and called as the place of Worship. In this chapter will we be showing you how to unlock all the DiMA's Memory Puzzle and retrieve all the memories to know all the secret behind the Synths. So without any further ado, let's begin with the Walkthrough.

Best Left Forgotten

Best Left Forgotten

Just after you gain the Trust and decide to Join the Children of Atoms you can explore the entire base which is the Nucleus. You need to talk to the High Confessor Tektus and other merchants to grab something new. Once you had a word with High Confessor you are free to head inside the Command Center.

Once you get inside the High alert Command Center you will see this place is full secured with laser tripwires and row turrets which will start attacking if you trigger the alarm. if you managed to Dodge the wires you will easily disarm them and proceed, but another turret is waiting for you to the left so you can directly start taking them down as they are not as harmful as the Assaultron.

Once you are done taking them down you will see the terminal is offline so you should bring it online by heading left inside the gate and push the circuit breaker. Another Assaultron will show up so take him down and now you are free to access the terminal and explore all 5 DiMA's memories.

DiMA's Memory Puzzle

Before we get to the Solution directly we would like to know what and how this Puzzle Works. You are inside DiMA's memory simulation, where you see the map is like the Tower defences structured and you need to pick up the Glowing blue memories and make your way throw the other side and the some bugs you see there are the travelers who will grab the memory from the Orange Data Stream and deposited to Memory Retrieving Blue Data Stream. You also have an automatic defense system triggered when the process starts and to stop the floating orbs you can place the turrets who will start destroying them.

DiMA's Memory Puzzle 1 Solution

  • Unlocks: Coordinates to a Pop Vim factory

DiMA's Memory Puzzle 2 Solution

  • Unlocks: Location of the key to trigger Nuclear Detonation of the Submarine

DiMA's Memory Puzzle 3 Solution

  • Unlocks: Location to Kill Switch Code for Windmill Generator which powers Far Harbor

DiMA's Memory Puzzle 4 Solution

  • Unlocks: Audio Log of Altercation between Nick Valentine and DiMA

DiMA's Memory Puzzle 5 Solution

  • Unlocks: Location to several Marine Armor Shipments

Now that you have 100% Sync DiMA's Missing Memories you will have unlocked all the location like Marine Armor Shipments so now the Decision is yours as this case file will change its shape on your big decision. You need to locate each secret though and thus completing the Walkthrough we can continue with the next chapter The Way Life Should Be.

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