Fallout 4 DLC Far Harbor: Acadia Side Quest Guide

Acadia Side Quest

In Fallout 4 DLC, you start your investigation with Nick Valentine to find a Missing girl, but you'll come across various factions in this DLC and one of them are the Synths of the Acadia and this article will show you each and every quest and how should you complete them.

Acadia Side Quest

Acadia Side Quest

Continuing your investigation from Far Harbor you will come across Acadia which is another Faction ruled by DiMA and include Chase and Faraday as the main Synths who have their own questline. So without any further ado, let's begin with the Far Harbor Side Questline.

Acadian Ideals

After talking to DiMA at Acadia, he will ask you to speak with Chase and Faraday to know about their goal with Peace in Harbor. Head towards Chase who will ask to find about the missing Synth. To know more you must talk to Brooks at the Far Harbor to get another Quest.

If you speak with Faraday First then he will inform you about the boat carrying the storage device never reached its destination. This will trigger another quest called Data Recovery. So complete both the task given by Faraday and Chase to complete the Quest.

The Arrival

You must find Brooks at Far Harbor know more about the missing Synth. Now head south to a House to speak with a Trapper and he will update you with the exact location of the missing Synth. Update yourself until the end and then report everything to Chase to get Hitman's Boosted Fiery Automatic Institute Rifle and complete the Quest.

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