Fallout 4 DLC Far Harbor: Children of Atom Side Quest Guide

Children of Atom Side Quest

In Fallout 4 DLC, you start your investigation with Nick Valentine to find a Missing girl, but you'll come across various factions in this DLC and one of them are the followers of Children of Atom and this article will show you each and every quest and how should you complete them.

Children of Atom Side Quest

Children of Atom Side Quest

Children of Atom are one of the Faction at Far Harbor who wants to convert every living human as their follower and eliminate the once you stand against them to unfollow. Once you towards the Nucleus you will find few members of the Children of Atom you must gain their trust in order to start with their questline.

What Atom Requires

Once you join the Stronghold, speak with Mai and help her to get the Ablutions Quest. Now speak with Zealot(Near Mai's Shop) and start the optional quest called Zealot Ware. Now speak with High Confessor to get the Witch Hunt. At the end of Visions of the Fog speak with Zealot Richter to get the Heretic then show the mother Icon to High Confessor to complete the quest.

The Ablutions

Speak with Mai and help her to get this Quest and head towards the Vim! Pop Factory then interacts with the Vim Ambassador terminal to know the program then head towards the basement to meet Grun. You must find the regulator to Mai to get the radical conversion. Once you get the regulator head towards the bottom of the Bay to complete the quest.

Witch Hunt

Head towards the Submarine to find a note under Sister Aubert's Mattress. Now Follow the marker to find the key to the chest then follow the waypoint towards the locker with another note. Now speak with High Confessor to inform him about Aubert's Loyalty and you will get the Inquisitor Cowl as a reward for completing the quest.

The Trial of Brother Devin

Speak with Devin and convince hm to break his fast as you being the messenger. Once he breaks his quest you will get Ware's Brew from Zealot Ware for completing the mission.

The Heretic

Speak with Zealot Theil and then visit the holy sites in Glowing grave. Once you get the Banner head towards the campground to listen the Holotape. Head towards the old church which is far east of Kawaketak Station where you will have a choice on how you need to end the quest. Finally, Speak with Grand Zealot Richter to get the Atom's Judgement for completing the quest.

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