Fallout 4 DLC Far Harbor: Almanac Magazines Location Guide

Almanac Magazines Location

In Fallout 4 DLC, there are various collectible you will come across and one of them is the Almanac Magazines. These Magazines are newly added to the game and each of them offers you with a unique perk. This article will show you the location for all 5 Almanac Magazines and what do they do.

Almanac Magazines Location

Almanac Magazines Location Guide

You need to locate all 5 Almanac Magazines in order to unlock The Islander's Almanac Achievement. Every Magazine will get you a boost or perk just like the magazines found in the Vanilla game. So without any further ado, let's begin with the Almanac Magazines locations and what do they have to offer.

Far Harbor Sightseer's Guide

Head inside the Last Plank(Far Harbor) and search the area where you find Old Longfellow earlier.

  • Perk: POI appears on Map

Children of Atom Expose

Get inside the Acadia and take the stairs to get into the reception room. This Magazine can be found right on the Reception counter.

  • Perk: Decreased 10% damage from Radiation attacks.

Recipe Roundup

Inside the National Park Visitor's Center, you must head Right to find this magazine near the computer.

  • Perk: Unlock Sludge Recipe at the Chemistry Station

Pincer Dodge

Head to the Top of the Lighthouse in Brooke's head Lighthouse. Once you head to the top you will find this magazine on the wooden shelf with some flowers.

  • Perk: Increase 5% VATs Chances

Precision Hunting

From the Lighthouse at the Northwood Ridge Quarry, you need to head north across the trap and continue until you come across the Wooden Structure. The last magazine is right next to the bed. 

  • Perk: Decreased 5% Damage from Mirelurk Melee Attacks

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