Fallout 4 Far Harbor Guide: Every Enemy And How To Easily Kill Them

Fallout 4 Far Harbor Enemies

Far Harbor is the brand new Fallout 4 additional content, which is said to be the biggest DLC ever created by Bethesda. So every little piece of information is welcome when it comes to this game and this content itself. Today we'll talk about enemies: who they are and how you can kill them.

Fallout 4 Far Harbor Enemies


These guys have a luminous tentacle on their head which makes them easier to spot from the distance. They have the ability to absorb the fog that fills the air of Far Harbor and spit it out like a fireball. The best way you can kill them is to get as closer as you can and use your shotgun.



This version of Mirelurks is much more resistant to damage and even angrier, which makes their attacks lethal. This is why you should take them out from a distance, possibly using your explosives. Their weak spot is their front, so it's there you need to shoot.



These are lurking in the fog all the time, not too far away from water, and have multiple legs. Shooting at their legs will slow them down but the best explosives you have will be required in this quest to knock them out.



You know them if you played Fallout 4, ok, but this version  of Ghouls is much harder to beat. Shooting at their legs is always a good idea but beware, Far Harbor's won't fall over as easy as they do in the regular Wasteland.



Amphibious creatures you can find near sources of water. They're pretty quick so you'll have a hard time while trying to target in your V.A.T.S. You will need to attack them from a distance, undetected, and just run like hell in case you meet a group of them.



This is the Far Harbor version of Bandits or Raiders, and while they don't have new abilities they can surprise you in the middle of a fight since, as all other enemies in this expansion, they are much stronger than their regular build.


Don't let them get too close as they can bite you relentlessly like mutated dogs. Keep them at a distance, then, and try and snipe them with high powered weapons. Feral and Glowing varieties are even tougher.


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