Overwatch: How to Play as Bastion, Hanzo, and Junkrat Hero Guide

How to Play as Bastion, Hanzo, and Junkrat

Amongst 21 different Heros in Overwatch, they are categorized into four different section such as Offense, Defense, Tank, and Support. Those who didn't get the chance to play the open beta and get familiar with the characters here is a chance to know your character and this guide will show you tips on how each Hero works with attacks, defense, and his Abilities.

How to Play as Bastion, Hanzo, and Junkrat

How to Play as Bastion

A defensive specialist who can bring an impressive amount of suppressing firepower, especially when in Sentry mode and when using its ultimate ability. Bastion is a turret on two legs with the ability to regenerate a small amount of its own health. Using Bastion in chokepoints can create a lethal situation for the opposing team, often resulting in kill streaks and multi kills.

Bastion Abilities

Configuration Recon
While using Recon ability, Bastion is fully mobile, outfitted with a submachine gun that fires steady bursts of bullets at medium range. 

Configuration Sentry
While using Sentry ability, Bastion is a stationary powerhouse protected by a forward-facing barrier and equipped with a Gatling gun capable of unleashing a hail of bullets.

The name says it all, but remember it cannot move or fire weapons while the repair process is in effect.

You can change from Recon to Sentry Configuration within 1 second and if you find yourself in a heated area then quickly switch and move to gain some health.

  • Bastion is Effective Against - Reinhardt and Winston
  • Avoid Bastion From - Genji, Tracer, Roadhog, Windowmaker, Symmetra and Junkrat

How to Play as Hanzo

Hanzo is a sniper/camp type character who can do considerable damage at range with his charged shot as well as an ability to mark high priority targets for his allies. Although he has a slower rate of fire but he does not ideal for close to medium range skirmishes. If you find a reconfigured Bastion, use the scatter arrow to get behind the shield.

Hanzo Abilities

Wall Climb
Similar to Genji, even Hanzo can climb the wall on holding the jump key and facing towards the wall. Mostly use to gain a height and then camp at the top places and snipe the enemies with arrows.

Sonic Arrow
With the infinity ammo that contains a sonar tracking device. Any enemy within its detection radius is visibly marked, making them easier for Hanzo and his allies to hunt down.

Scatter Arrow
You can shoot a fragmenting arrow that ricochets off walls and objects to strike multiple targets at once. If you try aiming the feet of you enemies then you can easily target them.

An Ultimate Ability to summon a Spirit Dragon which travels through the air in a line. It passes through walls in its way, devouring any enemies it encounters.

  • Hanzo is Effective Against - Bastion and Zenyatta
  • Avoid Hanzo From - Winston, Tracer, and Windowmaker

How to Play as Junkrat

Junkrat is an explosives and demolitions expert with a variety of useful abilities. Placing a trap and mine in the same spot can create an effective stun and kill point which can be monitored while using the grenade launcher to damage other enemies. As soon as a foe springs the trap, a quick detonation of the mine can finish them off.

Junkrat Abilities

Total Mayhem​
Junkrat's deranged sense of humor persists past his death. If he is killed, he drops several live grenades which will kill anyone nearby.

Frag Launcher
This ability to launch grenades that will bounce off walls to reach their destination, and blow up when they strike the opponent. Normally it can only bounce up to 3 and then it will explode so you better use them against Bastion while they are in Sentry Mode.

Concussion Mine
Use the homemade Concussion Mines that can trigger to damage enemies and send them flying or propel himself through the air for a higher jump.

Steel Trap
With this ability, you can toss out a giant, metal-toothed trap. Should an enemy wander too close to the trap, it clamps on, injuring and immobilizing them. It works great with the Concussion Mine as they can trigger them while the Steel Trap is activated.

Junkrat revs up a motorized tire bomb and sends it rolling across the battlefield, climbing over walls and obstacles. He can remotely detonate the RIP-Tire to deal serious damage to enemies caught in the blast, or just wait for it to explode on its own.

  • Junkrat is Effective Against - Bastion, Torbjorn, and Roadhog
  • Avoid Junkrat From - Pharah

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