The Technomancer: A Safe Haven Walkthrough Guide

A Safe Haven Walkthrough

In the Second Part of The Technomancer, Fighting for Abundance, we got hold of the Mutants and the Locals in the Slums. We also gained and lost some Reputation with the respective factions. In this Walkthrough we will continue with the Main game story and it also contains a series of sub-quests that must be undertaken to complete the entire quest.

A Safe Haven Walkthrough

A Safe Haven Walkthrough

This Quest gets available once you've completed the Fighting for Abundance Main Quest and few from Finding Earth. So without any further ado, let's begin with the first part of A Safe Haven Walkthrough.

The Escape

Once you begin the quest, your main objective is to escape the run towards the Slums. Fighting with the foes is totally options as you won't lose or gain any reputation here so simply head towards the marked location and look for the Rover. When coming across the Rover you have to fight here with the opponents and once you defeat them get inside to fight the Boss and Progress in the Mission.

Race Against the Sun

This is a Time-based mission as you need to reach the City before the sunrise and thus you can opt any route to head to the marked location. Once you reach there you need to fight the creatures before the door and continue fighting through the until you complete the portion of the quest.

Meeting Aurora

While leaving Noctis you will find this mission where you need to defeat about 10 enemies. You can use the Concrete barrier to lure them and blow them with Explosives. Defeat them all to progress the next phase.

Escort in the Desert

Just after the Meeting Aurora quest you'll take the rover to The Canyon and get ready to fight some creature. After defeating them, head till the end of the path and back to see where the Mutants reside.

A Guide for a Young Nation

Now Enter the Mutant's compound and the next objective will trigger to kill all the enemy mutants and defeat Cain. When you're about to defeat Cain you get 3 choices - either to arrest him or drain and kill him. If you Kill him then you lose 1 Karma and if you arrest him then you get to keep his armor and mace with +2 Karma. Now you need to Appoint a new leader between Phobos and Scum so If you choose Phobos then Scum will join him and you get +1 Reputation with Mutant, but if you choose Scum then Phobos will leave to help Mutant and get +1 reputation with Mutant.

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