The Technomancer: Under the Orders of a Merchant Prince Walkthrough Guide

Orders of Merchant Prince

In the Second Part of The Technomancer, Fighting for Abundance, we got hold of the Mutants and the Locals in the Slums. We also gained and lost some Reputation with the respective factions. In this Walkthrough we will continue with the Main game story and it also contains a series of sub-quests that must be undertaken to complete the entire quest.

Orders of Merchant Prince

Under the Orders of a Merchant Prince Walkthrough


Head to the marked location to speak with Dandolo and Start the quest. Now go the next marked location where a trader is waiting for you with 3 set of Abundance Officer's uniform. It's time to get to the transport spot and travel to the Auror's Shadow Path. Once you get there you need to complete the quest if you want to leave the area.

Back on Track

Once you start the quest, head to the marked location and speak with the Mutant. Now here you can either use Charisma or Science to persuade him and he'll get back the rover in 12 hours. Once you get the Rover return to Dandolo and inform him about the same to get +1 Noctis Reputation. Next piece can be found at the marked location and the final one will be at Tom Goodsman merchant Store at the Exchange. Talk to Amelia and she will ask for some parts of repair the rover.

Brothers in Danger

Head towards the Entrance beneath the Technomancer Temple(Underworks), and get ready to take out the all the guards or skip them and take only the 5 guarding the entrance. Once you get to the new area, defeat all the enemies and then activate the ladder to drop. Remember not to activate the ladder while in combat.

A Worm in the Apple

Once you start this quest, head to the marked location and talk to the Merchant then to the next location to speak with the woman. The next objective will pop up on your map, where you need to speak with Vory and Convince them to leave(Try Charisma). The Next Vory you encounter can be left to remain and grab more directives for him. Go ahead and engage Anton Rogue to stop him sending the forces to Noctis. Finally, return to Dandolo and get +3 Noctis Reputation.


Speak with the first merchant(in Noctis) and get all the materials you need then travel to Underworks to talk with another merchant to get the required information. Head back to Dandolo and inform him about all the discovery to get +2 Noctis Reputation.

Under Threat

Once you complete the Contraband quest, you need to speak with Dandolo then head to Eliza Major, Aston, and Bulgakov. Question them all and the outcome will depend on how well you tried to interrogate with them. All you need to do is follow the marker and speak with them and return back to Noctis. Speak with few more people at Noctis then entreat the Technomancer for help. Now Rescue Patience and return to him after 2 days to know why he has moved.

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