The Technomancer: The Harder They Fall Walkthrough Guide

The Harder They Fall Walkthrough

In the Second Part of The Technomancer, Fighting for Abundance, we got hold of the Mutants and the Locals in the Slums. We also gained and lost some Reputation with the respective factions. In this Walkthrough we will continue with the Main game story and it also contains a series of sub-quests that must be undertaken to complete the entire quest.

The Harder They Fall Walkthrough

The Harder They Fall Walkthrough

Find Your Allies

You will only get this quest after the Interaction with the Mutant leader and depends on how is able to join you as an ally. The Ally will join only if you have a good reputation with a certain faction. Here is how you gain easy Reputation for:

  • Technomancer: Save the Technomancers from the Mutant
  • Dandolo: Complete Dandolo's quest and help the Noctis
  • The Army: Complete Captain Eliza Major's quest and help the Army

The General's Evidence

Once you get the Allies ready go ahead to the Mutant Coral and speak with the Grand Master. He will guide you where to head next and stop the Train(only during the night). You must interact with the generator to stop it and get ready to defeat some foes as well. Here either use your Charisma or Force to get the required information and then return the tablet to Captian Eliza.

Powder in the Wheels

This quest will also be available once you have the allies ready so first head to the marked location and speak to the leader at Mutant Coral. He will give you the next objective to get the explosive and tell his people to flee. Go and talk to Amelia then complete another quest until she gets the Bomb ready. Once you get the Bomb, give it to the mutant leader in the Slums and finish this portion.

Reserved Judgement

Head to the marked location to speak with the man who will ask you to uncover an ASC secret base. Now talk to the sweeping mutant to get more information to find the base. The entrance will be located near Captain Eliza, so make your way through and get ready to defeat the foes until you get the son. While Talking to the Son you can either ask him to join his father(Charisma) or Nesha will trick him into leaving. Head back to the Judge and complete the quest.

Divine Disapproval

Another Quest available after gathering your allies and in this quest you must obtain 3 relics and 3 ASC uniforms in Noctis. Now either you buy the relics from the merchant or get them from Priest Violently, but you will lose 1 karma. Similarly, the Uniforms can be purchased from the marked merchant for 230 Serum. Give these uniforms to your allies and head towards the Slums to defeat the enemies. Take the relics from them and give it back to the Assembly member in Ophir to complete the quest.

The Peoples Assembly

Now you have the complete support of the people so try approaching the Assembly Member and with the help of your Charisma try to put the intentions in your conversation. Whichever choice you make the people will depose Viktor and thus completing the Quest. If you want to know more about the Decisions and Outcomes, check out the link below.

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