How to Connect Wireless Xbox One Controller to the Console

How to Connect Wireless Xbox One Controller

Enrolling your Xbox One Controller is also known as connecting the Wireless Controller to the Console. This Guide will show you How to Connect Wireless Xbox One Controller to the Console with the help of the Console's Connect Button and Using USB-to-micro-USB cable.

How to Connect Wireless Xbox One Controller

Connecting the Wireless Controller using Connect Button

  1. Insert AA Batteries(from the Xbox Play & Charge Kit) into the Wireless Controller.
  2. Make Sure your Xbox One Console Is Up and Running
  3. Hold the Xbox Button until the Controller Turns On(Xbox Button is the circular Button in the Top-Middle of the controller).
  4. Press and Release the Connect Button on the Console(The Connect button is the small circular button around the corner from the disc tray).
  5. Now Press and Hold the Black Connect Button on the back of the controller until the Xbox Button on the controller flashes indicating it's searching for the console.
  6. If you want to add an Extra Controller, try repeating the same process.


  • If the Controller doesn't turn on, check the batteries.
  • If the Xbox Button on the Controller flashes that indicate it's still not connected.
  • If the Xbox Button is Solid then the controller is already Connected and Ready.
  • Check this Guide if the Controller has Connection Issue.

Connect the Wireless Controller using a USB-to-micro-USB cable

  1. Check for the Micro-USB cable in the Xbox One Play or Charge Kit
  2. Connect the Mirco-USB to your Controller and the Console
  3. This Will make your Controller act as the Wired Controller which can run without battery as well.

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