How to Fix Xbox One Wireless Controller Connection Issue

How to Fix Wireless Controller Connection Issue

If You are here then, either you can't connect your Xbox One Controller to your Console or your Controller doesn't maintain a connection with it. It's time to fix the issue once and for all, this guide will show you how to maintain the connection between your Console and the Wireless Controller along with few Tips on how to keep your Xbox One Console Up to date.

How to Fix Wireless Controller Connection Issue

Xbox Wireless Controller Maintain Connection Fix

If the Controller was connected to the Console, but disconnects while using, then check which one of the Following issues and Solutions:


  1. The Wireless Controller is designed to Turn off after 15 Minutes(If Inactive)
  2. The Wireless Controller's Batteries might be Weak or Rechargeable batteries needs recharging
  3. The Wireless Controller is designed to Operate within 6 meters of the Console
  4. Another Wireless Device(laptop, microwave, phone or router) is interfering with the Controller's connection.
  5. The Xbox One Hardware is Malfunctioning


Solution 1: Replace your Batteries or Recharge the battery pack

If the Xbox Button on the Controller is lit up then it has Power or else try replacing the Batteries. You can check the Battery level of the Controller by viewing the Battery indicator on the Home screen.

Solution 2: Stay Close to the Console

Even if the Range for the Wireless Controller is up to 6 Meters, you must check the environmental factors like Wall and interference from other devices can affect the range. The Controller performance will always vary if you are not facing the controller to the front of the Console.

Solution 3: Power Cycle Your Console

This is also called a Full Console Reboot which will not erase any of your data or games. To perform the Power Cycle Reboot follow the Steps below.

  • Turn Off your Console by Holding the Xbox Button on the front of the Console for 10 Seconds
  • Turn On your Console by pressing the same Xbox Button on your Console or from your Controller

Solution 4: Try Connecting the Controller to Console Again

Solution 5: Remove the Objects Interrupting the Connection

Make Sure the Following Object is not placed between your Wireless controller and the Console.

  • Laptop
  • Cordless Phone
  • Microwave Ovens
  • Wireless Routers
  • Metal Dividers or Entertainment Cabinet

Solution 6: Keeping the Controller Updated

  1. Connect Xbox Live
  2. Select Settings from the Home Screen
  3. Go to All Settings then Kinect & Devices
  4. Select your Controller and check for any Update Available
  5. Update the Controller(If Any) with the USB Cable and follow the screen instructions
  6. Restart your Controller

Solution 7: Try Another Controller

Just to be Double Sure you can check the connection of the Console with another controller. Check if you are having the same issue with the new Controller. If the New Controller operates normally then you must get the original controller replaced by simply going to the Device Support and select Replace an Accessory.

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