How to Reset Xbox One to Factory Defaults

How to Reset Xbox One

There are will be an extreme or very rare case like selling the Console, where you need to Factory Reset your Xbox One. The Default Factory reset will normally erase all the account, saved games and settings, but if you want to reset your Console without erasing any games or apps then follow the Steps given below.

How to Reset Xbox One

How to Reset Xbox One to Factory Defaults

Anything which is not synchronized with Xbox Live will be lost during the reset. We request you to connect to Xbox Live before taking the following steps and provide losing any data.

  1. Open the Guide from the Left of the Home Screen
  2. Go to Settings and Select All Settings
  3. Select System - Console info & updates
  4. Click on the Reset Console Option

Here you will get Three Options for which type of Reset you want to Proceed with

Reset And Remove Everything

This is the Complete Factory Reset which will delete everything on the Console including the accounts and home Xbox associations. This Option can be used when you are selling or gifting this console to someone else. Note: If you are not going for any of the above then check the second option below.

Reset and Keep My Games & App

This is the primary option for troubleshooting where the OS will be reset and only delete the potentially corrupted data. This Option will Format your console and keep the games and apps as it is.


This is to get back to the Settings screen.

If you did select one of the first 2 options then your console will begin the process of erasing the selected content to the Default Setting. This was all about the Factory Reset, check out our other guide on Xbox One Controller Connection Issue and How to Connect it to the Console Guide.

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