Pokemon GO - How to Heal and Revive Pokemon

How to Heal and Revive

In Pokemon GO, you capture a Pokemon, train him hard, improve his HP and CP by leveling Up just to make him ready for the next Big battle. When you're Pokemon is up against a higher level Pokemon, there are chances that he might be fainted and drain his all HP. This Guide will show you how to heal your fainted Pokemon and get his HP back.

How to Heal and Revive

How to Heal and Revive Pokemon

Once the Pokemon's HP is down to zero, they faint and do not heal naturally over time. You need to heal the fainted Pokemon in order to bring them back to active mode. There are 3 ways to Heal the Pokemon:

  • Using a Heal Potion(purple) from your Items
  • Powering up your Pokemon (Restores 1 hp each time)
  • Evolving your Pokemon restores it to the full health of the next level Pokemon

Similarly, there are 2 ways to Revive the Pokemon:

  • Using the Revive Potion(yellow) from your Items(restores Pokemon to half health)
  • Evolving your Pokemon - revives and gives them full health

If you are out of Potions then do visit the nearby PokeStop and purchase them. There are three different types of Potion you will come across as you progress through the game. This potion can be used to heal the Pokemon during the Battles.

  • Potion - Restores HP by 20 points
  • Super Potion - Restores HP by 50 points
  • Hyper Potion - Restores HP by 200 Points

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