Pokemon GO - How to Get Candy and Evolve Pokemon

How to Get Candy

In Pokemon GO, you will train your Pokemon and try to raise it's CP or getting them ready for the Battles. Pokemon GO features various items like Candies and Stardust to help your Pokemon to Evolve and Power UP. This Pokemon GO Guide will show you how to Get Candy and how to use it to Evolve Pokemon.

How to Get Candy

How to Get Candy

Every Pokemon is different, but all of them require to power up to increase their CP and HP. Powering Up requires a mix of Stardust and Candies which varies from Pokemon to Pokemon. There are 3 ways to get candy -

  • Every time you catch a Pokemon, you get 3 candy(Pokemon type)
  • For duplicate Pokemon, you can send them to the Professor to get 1 candy, but you lose the Pokemon permanently
  • Get a lot of candy when your Egg Hatches(based on the type of Pokemon that hatched)

How to Evolve a Pokemon

Evolving takes a different amount of candy depending on the type of Pokemon. We would recommend using the Candies more to Power up until the Pokemon is max for evolution. You need to be sure before ou Evolve a Pokemon. Once the Pokemon is evolved they generally have higher CP and HP, making them a valuable addition to your collection. Follow the Below Steps to Evolve your Pokemon.

  1. Touch the Main Menu(In Map)
  2. Touch Pokemon
  3. Select one Pokemon to evolve(from your list)
  4. On the Pokemon’s summary, touch the Evolve Button

This was all about the Candies and Evolving. If you want to know more about the Pokemon GO simply check our guide Here.

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