Pokemon Go - Gym Battles, Prestige, Takeovers and Much More

Gym Battles, Prestige, Takeovers

Gyms in Pokemon GO are the special points of interest players will be looking for as soon as they capture the Pokemon and Level up. You can Capture a Gym for you team and Battle other Pokemon rival Teams. This Gym Battle Guide will explain you everything about the Gym, how to Fight, lower the Prestige, take down the enemy Gym and Much more.

Gym Battles, Prestige, Takeovers

Pokemon Gym and Leader

The Gym can be challenged by Multiple Trainers at the same time, but make sure you and your Pokemon are ready to take the Gym's prestige down to zero. Every Gym has a Leader and it can be measured by the Gym's Prestige. The More the Prestige the higher the Gym level which makes it difficult to claim. If you are a beginner then do check - How to Become a Gym Leader Guide.

How to Battle in Gym

When you are ready to claim the Rival Gym or Battle them, select you 6 best Pokemon to use in the Battle. Every time you defeat a rival Pokemon it reduces the Gym's Prestige by a significant amount. So let's have a look at how to Battle and Defeat the Rival Pokemon:

Fast Attack:

  • Tap the Pokemon to perform Fast Attack
  • For Every Fast Attack the Special Attack meter charges

Dodge Attack:

  • Swipe Left or Right to Dodge Attacks

Special Attack:

  • Once the Meter is full, Long-press your Pokemon for a Special Attack
  • Try to Use this Attack to drain huge amount of rival Pokemon's HP

The Gym Battles are real time combat environment so you need to be faster to tap the screen, the more attacks you are doing the more damage you provide. Against the AI, you are simply attacking more times then them by tapping fast. For an experienced Pokemon player, try setting up your team to have Pokemon that does 'super effective' damage to the enemy Gym team.

How to Takeover a Gym

Most of the Taking over part is explained in the Gym Leader Guide(link Above), but still, we want to share a bit more about the Level and Reputation of the Gym. Once you Decided which Gym you want to Take over then simply check the Level First then swipe left to see the relevant Pokemon Stationed and decide whether to take down or not.

After defeating the trainers and bringing down the Gym's Prestige, you'll finally come up against the Gym Leader. Once you defeat the Gym Leader, the Gym Prestige will be down to zero and turn the color into white(available to claim). Click on the gym and down the bottom left you will see an icon which will allow you to put one of your Pokemon in the gym to claim it. After Claiming the Gym is now your teams color.

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