Pokemon GO - How to Level Up Trainer Fast Guide

How to Level Up Trainer Fast

With the launch of Pokemon GO, millions have already downloaded and started their Pokemon Journey across the World. Being a Pokemon Trainer you must be ready to find and capture the nearby Pokemon available, but if you are wondering why no High level or Rare Pokemon are spawning near you then You must look at your Trainer Level. This Guide will show you How to Level Up Trainer Fast and easy in Pokemon GO.

How to Level Up Trainer Fast

How to Level Up the Trainer Fast

Leveling Up your Pokemon, make them stronger and help them to evolve faster, similarly, you need to Level up your Trainer Level in order to find Stronger and Rare Pokemon. The Higher you're Trainer Level the more Stronger Pokemon you will encounter. There are various ways to level up your Trainer XP, but you might just miss some of the easiest and fastest tricks to gain XP. 

Gym Battles

Not Nessassary that you need to always fight a rival at the Gym. Try the training at Friendly Gyms to gain easy XP. Fight with your Best Pokemon or a Pokemon which has equal CP as your Opponents and if you defeat them you earn more XP. To earn Higher XP then try using a Low-level CP Pokemon against a High-Level Rival's Pokemon and win.

XP From Items

Lucky Egg - This item Doubles all XP earned for 30 minutes after activation

Note: Try to Evolve you Pokemon and explore a large amount of area that has PokeStops before activating Lucky Egg.

XP From Activities

  • Evolving a Pokemon - 500 XP
  • Hatching a Pokemon - 200 XP
  • Visiting a PokeStop - 50 XP
  • Catching a New Pokemon - 500 XP
  • Catching a Pokemon - 100 XP
  • Excellent Throw - 100 XP
  • Great Throw - 50 XP
  • Nice Throw - 10 XP
  • Curve Throw - 10 XP
  • Training at a Friendly Gym - Varies
  • Battling at a Rival Gym - Varies

This was all about the Level Up Trainer Guide and you can check our other guide for Pokemon GO to know more about the tips and tricks.

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