Pokemon GO - How to Unlock Great Balls, Ultra Balls, and Master Balls Guide

How to Unlock Great, Ultra, and Master Balls

Pokemon GO features various items which can either be collected, purchased or unlocked from the PokeStops. While the trainer is still busy going around the real world, catching rare Pokemon and leveling them up, but when you come across rarer Pokemons and unable to catch them with your regular PokeBall it's time you need to Unlock the High-level PokeBalls - Great Balls, Ultra Balls, and Master Ball.

How to Unlock Great, Ultra, and Master Balls

How to Unlock Great , Ultra, and Master PokeBalls

If you've just started playing the game then these items won't be available yet in the Stores or Shown anywhere in the Game Menu. These Rare PokeBalls needs to be unlocked and that can be done only if the Trainer is at certain Experience Level to use them. Want to level-up fast the check out our Trainer Guide to know more.

Just like you need to level up to 5 in order to battle in Gym and become the Gym Leader, you need to Level Up higher than 12 to get 20 Great Balls as a Reward. Similarly, you must be at Level 20 to Unlock Ultra Balls and around 30(Needs Confirmation) to Unlock the Master Balls. So Basically, it's all about the Experience you gather by playing the Game and leveling up your Trainer.

Once you Unlock these Rare PokeBalls, they will be available at PokeStops just like other items. If you don't want to purchase them then start Leveling Up as you can get them as a reward every time you Level Up. Also, look out for special events from Nintendo and Niantic which can provide extra chances to earn big rewards including the Master Balls and others. This was all about the Rare PokeBalls, check out the other Guides for Pokemon GO to know more about the game.

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