Pokemon GO - How to Reduce Data Usage, Fix Battery Saver, and Server Issue

How to Reduce Data Usage, Fix Battery Saver, and Server

Nintendo's Stocks are again raising because of the Pokemon GO app. This game brings people out to explore the areas they have never visited and capture Pokemons scattered all over the world. While the Players are busy exploring, they find the battery is draining too fast along with a bunch of Data Usage. This Pokemon GO Guide will show you the tricks to reduce Data Usage and permanently fix the Battery Saver Issue.

How to Reduce Data Usage, Fix Battery Saver, and Server

How to Reduce Data Usage

Every time you start the Pokemon GO, the app loads Google Maps API to display the current location. This is why your Data Usage is affected more, but if you try using the Google Maps as an offline Map then it should reduce Battery Consumption and makes it run smoother then ever. Follow the Below Steps to Reduce the Data Usage:

  1. Open Google Maps
  2. Go To Settings
  3. Go To Offline Maps
  4. Hit the Plus Sign(+)
  5. Select the Area You Want
  6. Download the Offline Map

This will save loads of data and the constant refreshing. If you're a iOS user then download the Google Maps from the AppStore and follow the same steps.

How to Fix Server Issue

Pokemon GO has just launched and experiencing a few issues with Batter Saver and Server login issue. The game has become so popular at that the Developers had work sent out the First Stability Update - Update 1.0.1 on July 12, 2016, to Fix this Issue. So all you need to do is Update the App and the Issue will be fixed. For the players how have installed the unofficial version of Pokemon Go (Region where Pokemon Go is not officially released) have to wait till the official Launch and then Update.

How to Fix Battery Saver Issue

Pokemon GO features the Batter Saver Option is Settings, but players are complaining about the Battery still heating and draining too fast. Maybe the Battery Saver Option still needs an Update like it have for the Server Issue. But here are the Tricks you must do in order to Save a Huge amount of Battery:

  • Close Background App
  • Reduce the Screen Brightness
  • Disable the Sound from the App
  • Disable Wifi/Bluetooth(While using Data Pack)
  • Purchase an External Battery Pack

Note: If you want to check if the Batter Saver Works Properly then Enable the Option and Turn Upside Down. If the screen darkens then it's working.

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