Pokemon GO - Safety Tips for Trainer and Myths

Safety Tips for Trainer and Myths

Pokemon GO is designed to push the players out to explore the environment to find the Pokemons. Being a Pokemon Trainer, you must be physically active and interact with the trainers in your area to fight them or claim the Gym. Even though the Loading screen asks you to be alert all the time, we have the best Safety Tips to capture the Pokemon.

Safety Tips for Trainer and Myths

Safety Tips For Trainers

As the App wants you to be alert of your surrounding to see which rare Pokemon will spawn, you must know where you're going. Know where the Gym and PokeStop are, as in my area one of the Gym turned out to be on Someone's private property. If you're just walking to hatch the egg, then we recommend to use the 'Battery Saver' option from the setting and Put the Phone in your Pocket Upside Down(without closing the app).

While crossing the road or driving DON'T ATTEMPT TO PLAY, if you have a passenger then do pass it to them and you focus on driving. Check our Egg Hatching Guide to know more about the Rare Eggs. If you are entering a Forest area then do carry bug spray or something similar. Stay Away from the People who are riding Bikes and playing Pokemon GO. If you are so much into Pokemon GO, then buy GO Plus which seems perfect for Egg Mode.

Pokemon Go Myths

  • You Can Retrieve Missed Pokeballs from the Ground - NO
  • If you Ignore the 3 Starter Pokemon, you will find Pikachu - YES
  • Eevee's Evolving depends on the Special Attack it has - YES

More Myths will be added soon, till then check our Pokemon Go Wiki Guide to know more about the Legendary and Rare Pokemon location.

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