Pokemon GO - Complete List of all Pokemon in PokeDex Guide

Complete List of all Pokemon in PokeDex

Pokemon GO has become a massive phenomenon from the day it launched. Players can't get enough of hunting various Pokemon, Gym and PokeStops they encounter nearby. After starting the Pokemon Journey, trainers are curious to know how many Pokemons are there and where can they be found like the Rare and the Legendary Pokemons. Here is the list of all the Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

Complete List of all Pokemon in PokeDex

Complete List of all Pokemon in PokeDex

From the Start, Professor Willow will provide you a PokeDex to understand more about the Pokemon you capture, but you cannot see how many Pokemons are there until you register them. Just like the Original Pokemon, we have 151 Pokemon for Now and can expect more soon. So without any further ado, let's look at the complete list.

  1. Bulbasaur (Type1: Grass, Type2: Poison)
  2. Ivysaur (Type1: Grass, Type2: Poison)
  3. Venusaur (Type1: Grass, Type2: Poison)
  4. Charmander (Type: Fire)
  5. Charmeleon (Type: Fire)
  6. Charizard (Type1: Fire, Type2: Flying)
  7. Squirtle (Type: Water)
  8. Wartortle (Type: Water)
  9. Blastoise (Type: Water)
  10. Caterpie (Type: Bug)
  11. Metapod (Type: Bug)
  12. Butterfree (Type1: Bug, Type2: Flying)
  13. Weedle (Type1: Bug, Type2: Poison)
  14. Kakuna (Type1: Bug, Type2: Poison)
  15. Beedrill (Type1: Bug, Type2: Poison)
  16. Pidgey (Type1: Normal, Type2: Flying)
  17. Pidgeotto (Type1: Normal, Type2: Flying)
  18. Pidgeot (Type1: Normal, Type2: Flying)
  19. Rattata (Type: Normal)
  20. Raticate (Type: Normal)
  21. Spearow (Type1: Normal, Type2: Flying)
  22. Fearow (Type1: Normal, Type2: Flying)
  23. Ekans (Type: Poison)
  24. Arbok (Type: Poison)
  25. Pikachu (Type: Electric)
  26. Raichu (Type: Electric)
  27. Sandshrew (Type: Ground)
  28. Sandslash (Type: Ground)
  29. Nidoran? (Type: Poison)
  30. Nidorina (Type: Poison)
  31. Nidoqueen (Type: Poison)
  32. Nidoran? (Type: Poison)
  33. Nidorino (Type: Poison)
  34. Nidoking (Type: Poison)
  35. Clefairy (Type: Fairy)
  36. Clefable (Type: Fairy)
  37. Vulpix (Type: Fire)
  38. Ninetales (Type: Fire)
  39. Jigglypuff (Type: Normal)
  40. Wigglytuff (Type1: Normal, Type2: Fairy)
  41. Zubat (Type1: Poison, Type2: Flying)
  42. Golbat (Type1: Poison, Type2: Flying)
  43. Oddish (Type1: Grass, Type2: Poison)
  44. Gloom (Type1: Grass, Type2: Poison)
  45. Vileplume (Type1: Grass, Type2: Poison)
  46. Paras (Type1: Bug, Type2: Grass)
  47. Parasect (Type1: Bug, Type2: Grass)
  48. Venonat (Type1: Bug, Type2: Poison)
  49. Venomoth (Type1: Bug, Type2: Poison)
  50. Diglett (Type: Ground)
  51. Dugtrio (Type: Ground)
  52. Meowth (Type: Normal)
  53. Persian (Type: Normal)
  54. Psyduck (Type: Water)
  55. Golduck (Type: Water)
  56. Mankey (Type: Fighting)
  57. Primeape (Type: Fighting)
  58. Growlithe (Type: Fire)
  59. Arcanine (Type: Fire)
  60. Poliwag (Type: Water)
  61. Poliwhirl (Type: Water)
  62. Poliwrath (Type1: Water, Type2: Fighting)
  63. Abra (Type: Psychic)
  64. Kadabra (Type: Psychic)
  65. Alakazam (Type: Psychic)
  66. Machop (Type: Fighting)
  67. Machoke (Type: Fighting)
  68. Machamp (Type: Fighting)
  69. Bellsprout (Type1: Grass, Type2: Poison)
  70. Weepinbell (Type1: Grass, Type2: Poison)
  71. Victreebel (Type1: Grass, Type2: Poison)
  72. Tentacool (Type1: Water, Type2: Poison)
  73. Tentacruel (Type1: Water, Type2: Poison)
  74. Geodude (Type1: Rock, Type2: Ground)
  75. Graveler (Type1: Rock, Type2: Ground)
  76. Golem (Type1: Rock, Type2: Ground)
  77. Ponyta (Type: Fire)
  78. Rapidash (Type: Fire)
  79. Slowpoke (Type1: Water, Type2: Psychic)
  80. Slowbro (Type1: Water, Type2: Psychic)
  81. Magnemite (Type1: Electric, Type2: Steel)
  82. Magneton (Type1: Electric, Type2: Steel)
  83. Farfetch'd (Type1: Normal, Type2: Flying)
  84. Doduo (Type1: Normal, Type2: Flying)
  85. Dodrio (Type1: Normal, Type2: Flying)
  86. Seel (Type: Water)
  87. Dewgong (Type1: Water, Type2: Ice)
  88. Grimer (Type: Poison)
  89. Muk (Type: Poison)
  90. Shellder (Type: Water)
  91. Cloyster (Type1: Water, Type2: Ice)
  92. Gastly (Type1: Ghost, Type2: Poison)
  93. Haunter (Type1: Ghost, Type2: Poison)
  94. Gengar (Type1: Ghost, Type2: Poison)
  95. Onix (Type1: Rock, Type2: Ground)
  96. Drowzee (Type: Psychic)
  97. Hypno (Type: Psychic)
  98. Krabby (Type: Water)
  99. Kingler (Type: Water)
  100. Voltorb (Type: Electric)
  101. Electrode (Type: Electric)
  102. Exeggcute (Type1: Grass, Type2: Psychic)
  103. Exeggutor (Type1: Grass, Type2: Psychic)
  104. Cubone (Type: Ground)
  105. Marowak (Type: Ground)
  106. Hitmonlee (Type: Fighting)
  107. Hitmonchan (Type: Fighting)
  108. Lickitung (Type: Normal)
  109. Koffing (Type: Poison)
  110. Weezing (Type: Poison)
  111. Rhyhorn (Type1: Ground, Type2: Rock)
  112. Rhydon (Type1: Ground, Type2: Rock)
  113. Chansey (Type: Normal)
  114. Tangela (Type: Grass)
  115. Kangaskhan (Type: Normal)
  116. Horsea (Type: Water)
  117. Seadra (Type: Water)
  118. Goldeen (Type: Water)
  119. Seaking (Type: Water)
  120. Staryu (Type: Water)
  121. Starmie (Type1: Water, Type2: Psychic)
  122. Mr. Mime (Type1: Psychic, Type2: Fairy)
  123. Scyther (Type1: Bug, Type2: Flying)
  124. Jynx (Type1: Ice, Type2: Psychic)
  125. Electabuzz (Type: Electric)
  126. Magmar (Type: Fire)
  127. Pinsir (Type: Bug)
  128. Tauros (Type: Normal)
  129. Magikarp (Type: Water)
  130. Gyarados (Type1: Water, Type2: Flying)
  131. Lapras (Type1: Water, Type2: Ice)
  132. Ditto (Type: Normal)
  133. Eevee (Type: Normal)
  134. Vaporeon (Type: Water)
  135. Jolteon (Type: Electric)
  136. Flareon (Type: Fire)
  137. Porygon (Type: Normal)
  138. Omanyte (Type1: Rock, Type2: Water)
  139. Omastar (Type1: Rock, Type2: Water)
  140. Kabuto (Type1: Rock, Type2: Water)
  141. Kabutops (Type1: Rock, Type2: Water)
  142. Aerodactyl (Type1: Rock, Type2: Flying)
  143. Snorlax (Type: Normal)
  144. Articuno (Type1: Ice, Type2: Flying)
  145. Zapdos (Type1: Electric, Type2: Flying)
  146. Moltres (Type1: Fire, Type2: Flying)
  147. Dratini (Type: Dragon)
  148. Dragonair (Type: Dragon)
  149. Dragonite (Type1: Dragon, Type2: Flying)
  150. Mewtwo (Type: Psychic)
  151. Mew (Type: Psychic)

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