Pokemon GO - How to Catch Hard Pokemon After Level 20 Tricks

How to Catch Hard Pokemon After Level 20

In Pokemon GO, capturing all types of Pokemons is your primary objective. You must know how to level Up fast and capture high-level Pokemons. As you progress in the game, the Pokemon will get harder to catch, either they reject your Pokeball or run away after a few throw. This Pokemon Go Trick will show you how to catch Pokemon with High CP and hard to capture.

How to Catch Hard Pokemon After Level 20

How to Catch Hard Pokemon After Level 20

Not Necessary that the Pokemon will get harder after Level 20, we have seen players complaining about the Pokemon Run away from level 7 itself. You must be prepared and know which is the best trick to catch them all. Finding a rare Pokemon is a luck, but catching them is a subtle art, so we decided to share a few tips and tricks that we use to catch the Pokemon.

Capture By Emotion

After reaching level 21, we noticed the Pokemon encounter are with High-level CP and are harder to catch. Every time we threw a Great Ball, it used to break and run away, so we decided to notice the High-Level CP Pokemon for a while and noticed every Pokemon makes a gesture. This Gesture can be happy or angry, throw some Razz Berry, and wait for the Pokemon to Make the Gesture/Emotion.

Once the Emotion is complete, try to throw the Pokeball and capture them. This is a working trick for almost 90% players. GO try your Luck. If you have anything to add or share in this Trick do let us know in the comments below.

Rough Capture

This might be a Bug, but definitely very helpful. All you need to do is throw the PokeBall as soon as the animation is over. Where ever you see Pokemon Spawning nearby, you click and the animation begins, so before the PokeBall is shown keep swiping on the screen. As the Animation is over, the PokeBall will be thrown and the Pokemon doesn't get any chance to react. 

Check out the Video below and just try if this helpful throwing technique works for you. It Worked for us. If you have any trick to share then do let us know and till then check our Pokemon GO Wiki Guide to know more about the Rare and Legendary Pokemon Location.

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