Pokemon GO - Ultimate Pokemon Trainer Cheat, Tips, and Tricks Guide

Ultimate Pokemon Trainer Cheat, Tips, and Tricks

The wait for Pokemon GO is finally over, the Game allows you to find and catch Pokemon in the Real world. You will be notified if there is any Pokemon near you, but you need to get up and explore the rare location to find various Pokemon and add them to your collection. In this Ultimate Pokemon GO Guide, we will explain everything from catching a Pokemon to how to play like a Pro Trainer. So without any further ado, let's begin with the Pro Trainer Guide.

Ultimate Pokemon Trainer Cheat, Tips, and Tricks

How to Be the Ultimate Pokemon Trainer

Once you Download the Pokemon Go app, you are ready to start your Pokemon Journey. Before you become the Ultimate Pokemon Trainer, you must know all the basics about the Game mechanics, Pokemon spawn locations, Gym Battle and techniques and much more. So if you are already familiar with the Part then you can Skip the Main Part and Check our Pokemon Go Wiki Guide to know more about the game.

The Basics

From the beginning, the game doesn't really tell you in depth mechanics on how to capture a Pokemon. Once you are done with character creation and meeting Professor Willow, you'll have the option to capture your very first Pokemon which can be either Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle. Here is the First hidden trick/cheat to Capture Pikachu instead of the given options. You are ready to Explore the World nearby and start leveling up your Character along with the Pokemon you capture.

How Does the Catching Pokemon Work

In your First encounter, Pokemon will Spawn around you. Tap on the Pokemon you want to capture to enter the Capturing Screen. Here you will have the option to Either Capture in Augmented Reality(AR) Mode or Normal Mode, this completely depends on you what you prefer. A PokeBall will be floating in front of you so try flicking at the Pokemon. If you flicked it properly then the Pokemon is yours. The Coloured Circles you see while flicking is the level of difficulty while Capturing the Pokemon.

As you level Up the Pokemon will get Harder to catch and thus you need several items like Razz Berry to make them happy first and then Capture. Check our the tricks to Catch Hard Pokemon After Level 20 Guide to know more about the various tricks.

How To Make your Pokemon Stronger

For successfully capturing a Pokemon, you will get 100 StarDust, Few EXP depending on the New Pokemon or the Duplicate, 3 Pokemon Candies of the Pokemon you captured. Each Pokemon has a Combat Point(CP) and HP which show their Strength. In the Pokemon info Page you will see two buttons - Power Up and Evolve(If Available) and a number of Candies or StarDust Cost to use. For Evolving a Pokemon you need that Pokemon Candies.

For Example: If you have a Pidgey which requires 12 Pidgey Candies to Evolve then you must capture another Pidgey to get more candies and the trick here is the Duplicate Pokemon with Low CP you can Transfer to Professor Willow and get One Candy in return. Here is our Guide to Candy and Combat Point Tips.

How Pokemon Gym and PokeStop Works?

The PokeStops are available from the Start. Look around on your Map for Blue Icons that denotes as PokeStops. These PokeStop will often be near the crowded place like a Landmark, Noteworthy Buildings, Sculptures, Church, Temples and more. Once you are near the PokeStop, it will get active and ready for you to use. Swipe the image appears in the Circle to get free PokeBalls, Potions, Revives, Eggs. Now the PokeStop is also used to increase the amount of Pokemon to gravitate in that particular Area with a use of Single Lure Modules

Similar to PokeStops, you can see the Gym on the Map but there are locked for the players under Level 5. At Level 5, you have the option to select one of the three team - Instinct, Valor, Mystic. Each Team represents the Legendary Pokemon Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno. After selecting the Team, the other two will be your enemy team so get ready to battle them and claim your Team's Gym back. You can Trainer you Pokemon in any of your Team Gym, Claim it yours and become the Ultimate Gym Leader. We have dedicated guide to know more about the Gym Battle and Prestige.

During the Battle in Gym, you must know how the Combat Process Works. Which Pokemon to select? Using a Water Pokemon against a Fire Pokemon will be Super productive. Work on your Attack Type and you win with ease. Before you Start the Battle with Enemy Gym, you can tap on the Gym and swipe left to right to see which all Pokemon you are going against and select your Squad accordingly. Also, have a good look at the CP which can help you last long in the battle.

After selecting your 6 best Pokemon to use in the Battle, let's focus on how to Battle and Defeat the Rival Pokemon. There are three types of Attacks available -

Fast Attack:

  • Tap the Pokemon to perform Fast Attack
  • For Every Fast Attack the Special Attack meter charges

Dodge Attack:

  • Swipe Left or Right to Dodge Attacks

Special Attack:

  • Once the Meter is full, Long-press your Pokemon for a Special Attack
  • Try to Use this Attack to drain huge amount of rival Pokemon's HP

Now that you are ready, you must take over all the nearby Gyms and test your Pokemon's capability at Friendly Gym by fighting High CP Pokemons. The Real trick here is to take a Lower CP Pokemon and defeat as many Pokemon as you can to gain good XP. It's time to claim your Bonus for all the hard work, go to the Shop from settings, on the Top Right tap and collect the 'Defense' Bonus. The Defense Bonus will be reactivated for once every 21 hours.

Each Pokemon you have currently defending a Gym, you will be rewarded with 500 Stardust and 10 Coins. If you have 10 Gym under your control and then you will be collecting around 5000 StarDust and 100 Coins. Take your time, train hard and focus on capturing different Pokemons, Power Up, Test them and Finally start taking Gyms under your Control and you are ready to become the Ultimate Trainer.

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