Pokemon GO Hack - How to Take Down Any Gym Battle Cheat Guide

How to Take Down Any Gym Battle Cheat

Gym Battles in Pokemon GO is one of the best features the game offers. The Player can walk to any nearby Gym, fight with different types of Pokemons and claim the Gym to their allegiance(Red/Yellow/Blue). Many High-Level Players have already claimed their Gym and in order to fight back you must have a High-Level Pokemon which can be time-consuming, but fun. This Pokemon GO cheat guide will show you the easiest way to take down any Gym Battle and bring Prestige to zero.

How to Take Down Any Gym Battle Cheat

How to Take Down Any Gym Battle in First GO

Every Pokemon Gym has certain mechanics which they follow throughout the game. After your first Gym battle you might be a little upset for not winning, but after using this hack you can easily Claim any gym you want regardless of which Pokemon or Level you are at. So without any further ado, let's begin with the Gym Battle Hack.

Once the Gym is Claimed by any Player, he has to assign a Pokemon who will defend the Gym during his absence. So when you battle at Pokemon at the gym, the Battle is not real time, it is fixed and every Pokemon assigned will attack the same method. The hack here is to 'Watch when the screen Flashes' during the battle. Every time the Yellow screen flashes the opponents will attack and you need to Dodge. Here are the few Tricks you need to follow in the Gym Battle.

  • Once the Rival Pokemon appears it attacks twice so do not try to attack first. Simply dodge the attack(After yellow flash) twice and then charge.
  • After each charge, one good attack after each flash(rival attack) then swipe again.
  • Basically your move set from the Start will be will be:
    • Dodge - Dodge - Charge - Dodge - Charge - Dodge - Charge - Dodge - Special Attack
  • The Special Attack Part can be a bit risky for the early use as it makes you vulnerable and you can't even dodge that time.
  • We recommend using the Special Attack as your last Blow.

If you manage to learn the Flash Dodge then you are ready to take down any Gym Pokemon Master. Your Pokemon won't even lose a single Health and it save you a ton of revive and health potions. Go ahead and claim all the Gym you need. Also, do check our Pokemon GO Wiki Guide to know more about the Rare, Legendary Pokemon and more. Here is how you will be taking down Gym battles. 


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