Pokemon Go: 8 Amazing Tips and Tricks Every Level 20+ Player Must Know

Pokemon Go: Level 20 Tips and Tricks

Are you playing Pokemon Go? Well, you should really take a look at our tips and tricks for it, especially if you are already a high level player, one of those going around with your smartphone or tablet and not caring anymore about real life, you know.

Pokemon Go: Level 20 Tips and Tricks

Catch all the Pidgeys, first. Let them evolve. For every 4 Pidgeys you get, you'll obtain to complete an evolution (500 XP or 1000 with an active egg). It's basically the best way you can fast progress through your level.

If you spend money on Pokemon Go, and we know not everyone among you will be pleased about this, you should actually know how to spend it well. One good way to do it is to scratch lucky eggs, since they double all your XP.

Be careful about Kakuna and Metapod, as their CP leveling looks pretty different in comparison with other pokemon. Sometimes, in the process to evolve from a Caterpie or a Weedle, resulting Kakuna and Metapod could only get benefits in terms of 20 to 30 CP.

You should really start using your candies from level 20. From level 20, indeed, the game gets pretty tough, especially when it comes to ramp up your level (from 19 to 20 it takes 25,000 XP; from 20 to 21 it takes 50,000 XP; from 21 to 22 it takes 75,000 XP). That's where you'll need to have pokemon evolved at Stage 3, not at the beginning of the game were you'd waste all of your candies just on one single pokemon, to let it evolve at Stage 3, and then leave it alone because you don't need it anymore or simply got bored about it.

Don't waste your pokeballs. With pokemon such as Pidgey, Rattata, Caterpie and Weedle you should never you greatball or megaball. Just try this trick if you think a pokemon with a high CP could escape your effort of catching it: Take a stepforward, take a step forward, take a step back, take a step back, take a step left, take a stepright, take a step left, take a step right, Bounce, And catch the Pidgey. Really, you should use megaballs and greatballs just on rare pokemon… and Eevees: they always tend to run away from battles, so you need to be quick.

Talking about the backpack, when you'll meet Pokestops, yours will fill up quick. So remember you won't ever need to have more than 20 revives with you, and that basic potions become almost useless once you unlock Super and Hyper potions. Finally, pokeballs are easy to find so don't cry a river in case you should ditch some of yours. Moreover, when grabbing a Pokestop, you can click the X rather than click on each items and you still get all the items.

Gyms are a huge source of XP - battling a lvl 5 gym gives you 550 XP. A lvl 4 gives you 450 XP, a lvl 3 350 XP, a lvl 2 250 XP, and a lvl 1 150 XP. Thus, if you take down a lvl 5 gym, you will gain 1750 XP. If you have an egg active, thats 3500 XP. Go for them 4-5 a day. But don't leave your best pokemon at gyms, there's no reason to do so since you won't usually hold a gym for more than 30 minutes and, since you're almost surely en-route to get your daily rewards at other gyms, you need to have your team at its best.

It seems Pokemon Go has some issues with registered distance. In particular, when you're on your car, you will notice it "loves" stops and turns, so if you're driving to hatch eggs bear in mind you might be willing to do a lot of stops and turns.


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