Pokemon Go Guide: Fix For The Freezing Pokeball Glitch With High CP Pokemon

Pokemon Go Freezing Bug

The Pokemon Go launch has been really amazing. The game has been downloaded almost 20 million times on both iOS and Android devices, while Nintendo has doubled its value, becoming even more productive than Mitsubishi in Japan, thanks to it.

Pokemon Go Freezing Bug

Anyway, it is not a perfect game as it is now. It has a few missing features and glitches players who are playing it a lot will surely notice. For example, one of the most severe is the one that has the pokeball freezing with high CP encounters.

While we're still waiting for Niantic to fix this, there's something you should know in order to avoid wasting your precious pokeballs. You need to be careful about the run, photo and bag logos are still on the Pokemon capture screen. If they are, the glitch has not been activated; otherwise, after launching your pokeball you'll see it freezing.

In case of freeze, wait for a minute and then try throwing a Pokeball not directly at the Pokemon. Instead, you can throw the Pokeball on the free space and then if the icons for run, photo and bag reappear: now you can safely throw your Pokeball to capture the Pokemon.

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