Pokemon GO: Ingress Cheat To Discover Epic and Rare Pokemon Locations

Ingress Cheat To Discover Epic and Rare Pokemon

Niantic's Pokemon GO has become a massive phenomenon from the day it launched. Players can't get enough of hunting various Pokemon, Gym and PokeStops they encounter nearby. Niantic had also created a game called Ingress, which uses Geotagging and transforms the real world into the landscape for a global game of mystery, intrigue, and competition. This Pokemon GO Cheat Guide will show you how to locate all the Rare and Epic Pokemon Location with the help of this Ingress.

Ingress Cheat To Discover Epic and Rare Pokemon

How to Locate pic and Rare Pokemon Locations

The Players are trying various techniques to locate the Epic and Rare Pokemon to get rid of Ratata and Pidgey. So, How can Ingress help us to locate Rare Pokemon? This Guide will explain you step by Step process to find the exact location where the Rare Pokemon will Spawn. So without any further ado, let's being with the Rare PokeHunt.

Step 1: Install Ingress and Play the Tutorial

Pokemon uses Geotagging just like Ingress. The main objective in Ingress is to collect the XM(white dots) and gain Energy which is similar to PokeStops to gain more items. If you notice carefully the XM will also tend to spawn near Crowded places like Malls and Famous Landmarks.

Step 2: Locating Rare Pokemon

While playing Ingress, look for the place with the highest XM and then switch to Pokemon GO to see which Pokemon are shown at Nearby List. Look for the Pokemon which are 2-3 steps away then switch to Ingress to locate nearby High XM area. Travel to the Highest XM area and then Open Pokemon GO to find the exact location where the Pokemon will Spawn.

Step 3: Catching Rare Pokemon

Now you are ready to locate the Rare Pokemon Location. The next location will be shown once you've collected the XM, it will take hardly 5 minutes to respawn. Head towards the next location and find another Rare Pokemon. Go Catch 'em all!

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