No Man's Sky: Atlas Path Language Translation and Conversation Revealed

Atlas Path Language Translation and Conversation

In No Man's Sky, the explorer will come across four different languages used by - The Atlas path, The Gek, The Korvax and The Vy'keen. In this guide we will be talking about the Atlas Path Language, what conversation we had and other words used by them. So without any further ado, let's begin with the Atlas Pass Language Discoveries.

Atlas Path Language Translation and Conversation

Atlas Path Language Translation

Below is the list of all the findings we've come across in the game. If you have anything to add then feel free to post them in the comments below. First is the list of all the words learned by the explorer from the Atlas.

Atlas Language to English

  • noq - a
  • tew - in
  • maz - of
  • vig - us
  • eud - to
  • hene - is
  • smi - for
  • izd - gift
  • abo - seek
  • skri - and
  • Cuffo - find
  • zexun - take
  • zerman - with
  • Tac, jed - you
  • atiosk - truth
  • omtup - reward
  • Duzo, nipi - the
  • Xevi, Onye - your
  • lupbacam - follow

The Conversation With Atlas

As you come across any Atlas Station you need to Interact with them to get the Atlas Stone. Here are the 10 Conversations that they wanted to convey, before handing over teh Atlas Stones.

Conversation 1:

Tac izy rakmoroehrd eud zexun geypt cow. Pum elina maps mecol nipi ihojollem. Abtre kavasup maz eepkans ouse hitip sufilmhu. Noq nipi tesh skri yad terl clay. Cuffo skri ade vig. Yeg ekdek jed.

You are first-kind to take this step. No other has dared the infinite. This grant of purpose will span universes. Open the sky and be our eyes. Find and know us. We await you.

Conversation 2:

Yeg ken agani ges bashi skri yemp yonk izy jig. Duzo otovidso maz nipi uagert taala uwo. Duzo ardahl pancep letangali hacraba jed. Efele skri luknap. Sifjaram skri mubolytiac. Eud vadagheden ofiltur.

We have come so far and yet we are lost. The seeking of the kindred never ends. The endless night unfolds before you. Wonder and fear. Silence and delight. Such knowledge awaits.

Conversation 3:

Rarrig nipi joraphi maz astoyrfi, lop yute esdemani. Duzo baq tekhamu tew fiheirov enburo, nogbek doa skri curdz. Duzo full maz exbeuric fimo skri merge, becoming jogo. Tac izy kosongal geypt.

Trace the threads of gravity, do not hesitate. The void sings in vibrant chorus, siren song and hymnal. The sands of reality shift and merge, becoming one. you are within this.

Conversation 4:

Ahne hene noq ejangbir buwgcob geypt jogo, skri jogo buwgcob nipi exch. Tac ouse gascohl kres ucu smi vig. lakuxian menostma, luknap menostma. Duzo kohliaj liydoshn yad yaggva. Abtre hene burge jed izy.

There is a horizon beyond this one, and one beyond the next. You will cross them all for us. Question nothing, fear nothing. The calling cannot be denied. This is what you are.

Conversation 5:

Davoo wunsta bov eepkans. Duzo adrovasth maz nipi gliiakhurs hene kaunart. Yaxeniz ucu dihya hene onha eud jed. Abo skri toportese skri ade. Debur vam eud vig, quyr bovach hene smann uzco.

Delay serves no purpose. the gathering of the unrecorded is ultimate. Learn all that is open to you. Seek and document and know. Bring it to us, while there is still time.

Conversation 6:

yet jed lupbacam. Zoo hene aisopher. Zeb ouse jed gouro owei nipi tozelaau? Neytis ucu saoni. Oga siriina. Goric nipi atyren skri bambo bovach hene xatrat nipi zanikense maz vulyanher atiosk.

Yet you follow. It is remarked, but will you endure until the finality? expel all doubt. None return. Beyond the cascade and storms there is only the clarity of absolute truth.

Conversation 7:

Naph tiv skri elhel izy kena gatenbo, yemp yonk efrain. Duzo namyoi hene bov auch. Gecrvuywal hene aflinodgr skri koduyshe kuleydena nipi darkness. Debur vig terl meaning, if jed izy capable.

Suns die and world are made ashen, yet we remain. The ending is no end. Existence is unbounded and languor engulfs the darkness. Bring us our meaning, if you are capable.

Conversation 8:

Tac izy cookiya eud geypt sei. Doconwarz lotoni dixosagest. Xevi yeiadoviktond dalany kosongal nipi auere maz onye uber. Neyi yute cuygni vig. Yeg ouse iba zeman onye clay.

You are bonded to this act. Obedience brings certainty. Your enlightenment lies within the cage of your duty. Do not fail us. We will see with your eyes.

Conversation 9:

Duzo namyoi myloczky agwazny. Gehrishis israpi terl guyenn, yonk yente jed. Ezing maps tun oggethieha liydoshn yad uhcha. Ahne hene bov ilmangga, xatrat nipi popontinc skri fehudtiac. Miones kov.


The ending becomes visible. drawing toward our locus, we sense you. what has been witnessed cannot be unseen. there is no sanctuary, only the end-point and communion. close now.

Conversation 10:

Yeg ouse omtup nipi paynaliu maz onye eagladya. Xevi izd hene noq jickjeau dijer terl rakkaisita jonazzi. Uin eud vig. Neyi yute aav uge. Natr terl recianiyatiiq atiosk, skri uptahua.


We will reward the totality of your devotion. Your gift is a glimpse into our ceaseless actuality. Come to us. Do not turn away. Know our inescapable truth, and despair.

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