Where to Find all Hats Location - CoD: Black Ops 3 Zombie Revelations

Where to Find all Hats Location

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Zombies Revelation features various Hats which can change players look and give some added bonus. There are 6 types of hats are found in Black ops 3: Revelation and unlock the 'Wardrobe Change Achievement. Check out some info we have regarding finding the Location of Hats and Wardrobe change.

Where to Find all Hats Location

Where to Find all Hats Location

In the Black ops 3, the hats are related to the previous zombie maps. Once you wear a hat, it not only changes your looks but the entire character and shows off your change in the thumbnail profile image. You will have to need all the 3 hats to earn "Wardrobe Change" achievement trophy. Unlike the Gorod Krovi, hats are not like Helmets, You can locate hats without defeating boss Zombie. You will have to equip 3 hats only to unlock the "Wardrobe Change" achievement.

Al's Hat

Head for the Mob of the Dead cell block, and look for a prison like an area with exposed corruption Engage. Take left side path from the spawn to reach fast then travel through the infirmary and go up through the stairs into a dark room. Inside the Room look for a sign marked with 'No Man's Land' on the right side wall. Search for a Cell on the left side of the door to origins which can be opened by powering the area. Get inside the cell to find Al's Hat on a table.

  • Bonus: None

Wolf Mask Hat

While in the Der Eisendrache pyramid room, activate low Gravity(near the corruption Engine) by standing on the four pressure plates. Throw a Grenade into the Cracked wall and let the Skull pop out. Kill all the zombies near to the skull to recharge it with energy, Continue killing until the Skull disappears. You will find the Hat in the KinoDer Toten theater, which is connected double doors in the pyramid room.

  • Bonus: Increased Sprint

Keeper Hat

The Keeper Hat is found at the Stone Wall Tablet and for that, you need to build the Keeper Protector Altar with three summoning Altar pieces. Once you are done with finding Altars, go to the strange stone wall tablet which is located behind the Kino der Toten. Or you find other mounting stones spread all over. A keeper ally will be summoned once you complete the Altar. In the Kino Der Toten, at the same place where you will find Wolf Mask Hat, and it is also located on a mannequin. But it is found at the right side of Theater map.

Reward: Once you collect all these three hats, you will unlock the "Wardrobe change" achievement trophy. Along with this, you will get some spacial abilities like 50% damage reduction from enslaved keepers, keeper protector survives 50% more, +1 zombie hits and 33% more damage from players to enslaved keepers.

Viking Hat

To unlock this hat you must hit the clock in Der Eisendrache in perfect sequence. So first head to Der Eisendrache and shoot the Numbers in clock - 9, 3, 5 and the bell will ring to know you've done correctly. Now it's time to activate the 4 glowing Urns by getting successful headshots. Here are the Urn Locations:

  • Urn 1 - Der Eisendrache Stone Step Wall
  • Urn 2 - In Kino Der Toten get inside Projection Room to check the Shelf
  • Urn 3 - In Verruckt get inside the Bloody Kitchen on an Oven
  • Urn 4 - Near the Jump pad in Origins

Once activate all the Urns, Viking horns will blare and now it's time to return to Kino der Toten to find the Viking Helmet on the Mannequin.

  • Bonus - 1 Zombie Hits

Margwa Hat

In order to unlock the Margwa hat, you must kill all the Margwa Bosses like the Giant Tentacle(3 heads), and others. Once you kill all the Margwa Bosses you will hear a Roar. Now it's time to return to Kino der Toten and collect your Rewards and Hat.

  • Bonus - +50% damage reduction from Margwa, 33% more damage from players to Margwa, Sprint Duration Increased

Shadow Mask

The Shadow Mask is one of the toughest masks to achieve as you need to complete certain objectives.

  • Get inside Giant Apothicon's Abdomen and Unlock the Pack-a-Punch
  • Use the Dragon Shield to Kill Enemies inside Apothicon
    • 3 Flying Parasites
    • 3 Spiders
    • 3 Margwa Types
    • Knife all the Furies
    • Headshot Enslaved Keeper
    • Shoot the Metal Mask off Panzer

Once all the objective is completed, return to Kino der Toten and check the Mannequin. 

  • Bonus - +1 hit from all enemies, Sprint Duration Increased, 50% more damage from players to all enemies, 33% damage reduction from all enemies.

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