Top 5 Gameplay Secrets You Must Know About Black Ops 3 Zombies Mode

Top 5 Gameplay Secrets

Zombie Mode has become highly popular from the day it was announced in Call of Duty: World at War. Treyarch has decided to continue it's streak by bringing some variations which will make the players have a tough time. While playing the Zombie Mode, there are various things you might be unaware of. In this Article will show you the 5 best Black Ops 3 secrets which will Boost your gameplay and help you play like a Pro.

Top 5 Gameplay Secrets

Top 5 Gameplay Secrets for Black Ops 3 Zombies

Slide Run

First in our list is the Slide Run, we have seen players running around, but never made the best use of the Slide. This trick can be done on any map and while running all you need to do is Slide and Jump, Slide and Jump while holding the Forward Button. This will not only help you to grab the ammo fast while running but also saves a lot of time.

Perk Locations

To know the Perk Location, you must understand the before entering each district and Open up the door, try to look for the Perk Bottles lying on the Boxes around(right outside the gates). You can know which Perk you will be finding in that location. We have the Juggernogs, Speed Cola, Double Tap and so on.

Sal DeLuca Easter Egg

While in Shadows of Evil, near the broken-down subway, you will find Changs Laundry. If you visit there don't forget to pick up the Customer Receipt which is from Salvatore "Sal" DeLuca a character from Mob of the Dead. Once you Pick it up you'll get 500 points for noting.

Free Gobblegum

While in Shadows of Evil, get to the Widow's Wine and get inside The lady's Secret Room. here you must Throw grenades in each Lion's mouth to blow them up. Make sure you aim it correctly and avoid doing it solo. Once you Do then you will get a Mega Gobblegum in one of the Lion's Mouth. Take Gobblegum and place it on the plate inside the Ice Cream Parlor and you will see it growing.

Farm 10K XP in 5 minutes

We've discussed this earlier in our previous guide and this trick works very well in Shadows of Evil Map. All you need to do first keep firing on the Shadow man a bunch of time until you get Round 15. Next, you need to run fast and open as many doors as you have around 15 to 16K. Every time you open the Door you get 250 Points so go ahead and open every gate in 3-4 minutes and end the round to get 11k XP to do under 5 minutes.

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