Carry Your Friend - Battlefield 1 Walkthrough Episode 1 Chapter 3

Episode 1 Chapter 3 - Carry Your Friend

At the end of Chapter 2 - Total War, we managed to fly your aircraft away from the war zone. Wilson didn't make it, but our player Clyde was lucky to survive. In this mission, we need to make our way through the No Man's Land and find Wilson. So without any further ado, let's begin with the Chapter 3 and see what happens at No Man's Land.

Episode 1 Chapter 3 - Carry Your Friend

Carry Your Friend Walkthrough

With the Fortress down, Clyde went down west which was half a mile away from where the aircraft crashed. You lucky survived and once you get the controls, pickup the lures, then distract the Guard. Pick up the Axe and kill the guard, then pick up his Gewehr 98 Infantry. Remember, you are in German's side of the base so no need to create an alert or unnecessary kills.

return to friendly lines

Return to Friendly Lines

You need to head west towards the British front quietly as an alleycat. Learn how to crouch and avoid running as it will make nearby guards suspicious. Your objective is to make your way back to your base, so going lethal is not an option. There are two bases you need to cross, so always make a habit of marking your enemies and knowing when they are moving. Use your best stealth approach and make your way inside the No Man's Land where you will meet Wilson.

return  to friendly lines 2

Carry Wilson

After watching the cutscene, you are carrying Wilson on your back so you are unable to draw weapons. Now your enemies are not Germans but your own men as they will shoot anything they see moving. Here you need to take cover as soon as you see the spotlight coming towards you. The best was to cross the land is on the left as there are many covers you can take.

carry wilson

Once you make into the field the cutscene will start where George Rackham will have you arrested. Thus completing the third chapter of Episode 1. You can either continue to the last Chapter 4 - Blitz or check our Battlefield 1 Wiki to know more about the game walkthrough, collectibles and much more.

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