Cape Helles - Battlefield 1 Walkthrough Episode 5

Episode 5 - Cape Helles

The Runner in Battlefield 1 is the story of Frederick Bishop, an Anzac runner who witnesses the heat of epic bombardments and a beach landing, as well as covert deliveries of urgent life-or-death messages across the frontline. So without any further ado, let's begin with the first chapter of the episode and see what happened at the unprecedented naval invasion of the Ottoman homeland.

Episode 5 - Cape Helles

Cape Helles Walkthrough

Storm The Beach

The episode is set at Dardanelles, Gallipoli Peninsula and after the cutscene, your job is to lead the charge onto the beach, but first let's give a target to our Artillery. Once they bombarded the beach you can direct the Dreadnought Barrage. All you need to do is run towards the marked location and take down any soldier in your way.

storm the beach

Secure the Trenches

Follow your troops and make your way up towards the trenches. There are a couple of Weapon crates on your way so grab the weapon you are good with and lead your troops. Once the trenches are secured, we are good to take over the Helles Overlook and set our base.

secure trenches

Capture the Helles Overlook

Once you head up there will be 3 turrets shooting at you, so head up left and throw grenades at them to slow them down. Keep heading straight towards the capture point and once you get there you must defeat all the soldiers in order to start the capturing mode. Once the outlook is captured what the cutscene.

capture the helles overlook

Thus completing the walkthrough for Episode 5 chapter 1 and you can either continue to the next chapter - The Runner or check our Battlefield 1 Wiki to know more about the game walkthrough, collectibles and much more.

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