The Runner - Battlefield 1 Walkthrough Episode 5

Episode 5 - The Runner

At the end of Chapter 1: Episode 5, Cape Helles we managed to Capture the Helles Overlook, but there was something unusual about the Frontline. In this mission, we will Get Report From the Frontline, Defend Commander's outpost and Warn the Frontline of British Artillery Fire. This won't be an easy task, so without further ado, let's begin with the Chapter 2.

Episode 5 - The Runner

The Runner Walkthrough

Get Report From the Frontline

As per the Commander, we need a runner for the frontline and Frederick nominated himself rather than letting Jack Foster getting killed. Your Job now is not to stand and defend the area, but to run and get to the frontline which is the marked location and know what's wrong with the place. The best way to do it is start running from the extreme right path which will take you straight to the frontline.

get report from the frontline

Report back to Commanding Officer

Once you get to the Frontline, walk towards the entrance and get the report. Now you need to head back to update the commanding officer. Use the same path(now extreme left) to avoid all unnecessary detection. Once you get there start defending the outpost before meeting the Commander. The best way to kill all the soldiers is by controlling the turret. use ti to destroy any soldier heading towards you then watch the cutscene.

defend outpost

Inform Rear Command

At the Whitehall, the commander will now ask us to tell the rear command that we will move up. So head towards the next mark location to inform them. Once you get there, you see something suspicious so start investigating the Rear Command. See the note inside which is definitely not a good news.

inform rear command

Warn the Frontline of British Artillery Fire

You need to head back to the outpost as quickly as possible so use the Horse next to the post and make your way towards the Frontline. On your way take down all the soldiers to make the further process easy. There will be artillery strikes started already so use the right route to get there fast and easy.

warn fontline

Defend the Frontline

Once you make it to the Frontline, it's time to defend it from the upcoming soldier waves. We recommend you to use the horse which helps you cover the area a lot easier and faster. Most of the damage is taken by your horse and make sure you ride within the marked area or else the objective will fail and you die.

defend fontline

After defending the frontline meet the commander and get ready for the next main mission. Thus completing the walkthrough for Episode 5 chapter 2 and you can either continue to the last chapter - Be Safe or check our Battlefield 1 Wiki to know more about the game walkthrough, collectibles and much more.

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