How to Level Up and Rank Up Fast in Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 events in the game are set during the period of World War I and are inspired by historic events. You are expected to survive and level up faster to unlock new gears and classes. We so wanted to have our hands-on the Multiplayer after the beta experience and here are the best tricks to level up and rank up fast in Battlefield 1.

How to Level Up and Rank Up

How to Level Up and Rank Up Fast

Level Up and Rank up in Battlefield is not an easy task but if you know how to survive and do what's needed then there is nothing to worry about. The Basic tip here is to join a class, master it and move to next.

Know your Team

Joining random servers to play with can be difficult if none of your friends are online at the moment. Once you join, look for the squad leader who will mark the objective even if you do not actively capture a point. Maintain your KDA to rank up higher. Being a good member of any squad, you can always spawn at a member location, revive an ally, watch your teammates back and much more which gives you a high number of points.

Focus on Objective

During the Beta, we saw the majority of players busy exploring and ignoring the main objective. Once you join any multiplayer server/session, you are assigned to complete certain objective so stop behaving like a lone wolf and work as a team. Look for the current objective which can be either to capture a point or defending it. Sometimes the objective can be tough so you can deny it, but we recommend you to try if you can (depending on the map). The next thing you must focus is the mobility, look for vehicles/horses to move fast with multiple routes.

Play Every Class

From the very start, we are recommending you to join and max out every class so that you can gain access to the best they have to offer. Once you join a class, try to play according to the role and know their strengths. If you are looking for extra XP then repair vehicles, drop medkits, supply ammo and other mini tasks. Unlock every item of the class then use to know which one suits you the best.

Weekly Challenges

You must be aware of these challenges, but we want you to take it seriously if you are looking out to level up faster. Completing weekly challenges will help you earn medals related to different classes. Keep a good eye on your weekly progress as it will reset if are unable to complete a challenge in a week.

This was all about the Leveling Up in Battlefield 1, if you want to know more about the single player missions, collectible location, and unique weapons then do check our Battlefield 1 Wiki Guide.

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