How to Destroy Tanks Easily in Battlefield 1

How to Destroy Tanks

In Battlefield 1, a wide variety of tanks appear and each one is having varying roles. They comes with different packages which alters the number of seats within, and the armament provided to each position. There are a number of ways you can take down the Tanks in Battlefield, but with this guide, you will take down any tank like a Pro. So without any further ado, let's begin with the destruction.

How to Destroy Tanks

How to Destroy Tanks Easily

In Tanks, there are Landship, Light Tank, Heavy Tank, and Artillery Tanks. Since the game is set during the World War 1 phase, we don't have much of an anti-tank weapon of choice instead we rely on grenades, mines, and bombs. SO let's discuss the best way to destroy tanks and understand the anti-tank-strategy.

The Best Trick

In Battlefield 1, the Assault Class is an anti-vehicle class which has mines, AT Grenades, Rocket Guns, Dynamites and other tools which are very useful for a tank hunter. First, you need to grab the tool which you know you are best with. Like for example, Dynamites, where you need to judge the tank's movement before you throw or attack it.

Note: Always take cover and keep moving in and out to avoid the return fire.

Next, you can try are the AT Mines which should always be placed in the area that leads to the Capture point. This will not only slow them down but also drains the nearby enemies health. Lastly, you can use the AT Rocket Gun to aim and destroy the mini tanks or half damaged tanks.

Hint: If you have a Pilot in touch then, coordinate with them and ask them to help you with backup.

This was all about the Tanks and tricks to take them down. If you want to know more about the single player missions, collectible location, and unique weapons then do check our Battlefield 1 Wiki Guide.

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