Weapon Skin Change Guide - Battlefield 1

Weapon Skin Battlefield 1

In the Battlefield 1, there are many different kinds of weapons that are having the option of changing the skin. You can earn these skins from Battlepacks and completing Campaign. Since you can't equip these skins from Soldier menu, we have given info about how to change weapons skin in the Battlefield 1 below.

Weapon Skin Battlefield 1

You have to be in the game to apply skin to your weapon as the first step, so choose your desired class to equip your weapon, and if there are any of your desired weapons you want to equip with skin, then you must check before choosing the class, if that weapon comes under your chosen class.

Once you have chosen the class and then weapon equipped, click on the Triangle or Y for Xbox for more options to try on different skins and you can change the Visuals at the bottom. Once you are all done with choosing, a brand new equipped weapon can be yours to play.

It is not just the weapons, there are many other things that you can equip with the skin in the game and also there are some Visual options for tanks. If you have Red Baron pack, you can equip the skin on the planes. There might be many more things that can be equipped with skin so try out everything.

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