Battlefield 1: Medic Class Tips and Tricks

Medic Class Tips and Tricks

Medic Class in Battlefield 1 can be called as one of the combined class from the previous Battlefield games. The Medic Class are well equipped with a semi-automatic rifle as they are more for defense than attack. Whenever a teammate is injured there is a distress signal sent to all nearby medics. Here are the best Medic Class Tips and Tricks you need to use and understand.

Medic Class Tips and Tricks

Medic Class Tips and Tricks

The Medic class is expected to avoid CQC encounters as much as possible. They carry two bandage pouches which provide around 12.5HP. You cannot bring your allies from the dead in Battlefield 1 just like in Battlefield 4.

  • The First and the most important tips to start with always stick with your teammates. As your job is to heal and revive, make sure you are close to them and safe.
  • Healing one squad at a time. We have seen entire squad dying while trying to take an objective as the Medic was busy healing another squad. Healing your squad net you more points, but it saves a lot of time and energy. Stick with One Squad.
  • If you are away from your teammate then always refer to your Mini-map and know where what is happening. If any of your teammates needs Medic then it will be displayed on the map and you know here exactly to go.
  • You can always heal yourself so make sure you heal as your team won't win if the only Medic in the squad is dead. So if you are hit then throw health packs and run over it.
  • Your objective here is to throw health packs at your teammates frequently and keep them alive on the Battlefield, but if you see them surrounded by enemies and snipers then run away from that area to save your points.
  • If you manage to continuously heal and cover fire from the versatile Medic rifle then you could hold a final choke point against very strong opposition until the counter ran down.
  • Firing will be the last resort and aim with Medic weapons is slightly difficult due to lack of recoil. So it's better to keep practicing to perfect and make sure every shot deals damage to the enemies.
  • The Best loadout for Medic is the  Auto Revolver(M1911) which you'll only need to hit them once if they're hurt already. Cei-Rigotti Factory for medium range as it has quick recoil and spread reset allows you to shoot fast.

This was all about the Battlefield 1 Medic Class tips, you can check our Battlefield 1 Wiki Guide to know more about other classes and their tips, tricks, and hacks.

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