Battlefield 1 Tweak for Steady Mouse Aim and Sensitivity Settings for PC

Tweak for Steady Mouse Aim and Sensitivity Settings

Battlefield 1 Combat is more realistic than the rest of the predecessors, but we have seen PC players complaining about the Mouse sensitivity and combat control. This Battlefield 1 PC tweak guide will show how to get the best settings for Mouse Aim and Sensitivity.

Tweak for Steady Mouse Aim and Sensitivity Settings

Steady Mouse Aim and Sensitivity Settings Tweak

Before we begin with the tweaks let's adjust a few video settings so that we are on the same page. Switching from Direct X11 to Direct X12 or vice verse had a big effect on input lag. Try Switching back to see the changes. Similarly, Turn off V-Sync as it delays pushing a frame to your monitor until your monitor is ready to display it. Now let's focus on the main part which is the aiming consistency.

  • Step 1: Go to Option and Select Video Tab
  • Step 2: Turn On the ADS Field of View
  • Step 3: Go to Options and Select the Controls Tab
  • Step 4: Change the Soldier Mouse Sensitivity and Vehicle Mouse Sensitivity as per your preference
  • Step 5: Enable the Raw Mouse Input
  • Step 6: Set the Soldier Zoom Sensitivity to 100%
  • Step 7: In Advanced Tab, Enable All the Settings under Soldier Zoom Sensitivity and Vehicle Sensitivity
  • Step 8: Turn On the Universal Soldier Aiming
  • Step 9: Save and Restart the Game

Now that your settings are set to automatic sensitivity when zoomed you are good to go try it on the Battlefield. Do let us know if you have any issue with the settings and make sure you check our Battlefield 1 Wiki guide to know more about the game walkthrough, guides, and collectibles.

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