Battlefield 1 Best Sniping Mechanics and Weapon to Use

Best Sniping Mechanics and Weapon to Use

Battlefield 1 offers a wide roster of melee and ranged Weapons depending on which classes you be with. We have seen players looking out for best sniping weapon or doubts with which ranged weapon to choose? So we decided to share a list of best weapons and the mechanics you need to focus on while playing Battlefield 1 multiplayer. So without any further ado, let's begin with the Guide.

Best Sniping Mechanics and Weapon to Use

Best Sniping Mechanics and Weapon

Playing Battlefield 1 with different weapons and classes helps you understand which weapon suits best for your play style. Each Ranged weapon has a fixed spot which will give you an instant kill(shot to center mass). So do you have any specific weapon in mind? Gewehr M95 or M1903? The most important thing while playing Battlefield 1 multiplayer is to adjust your play style according to the mechanics.

Talking about personal play style, have you tried the SMLE MKIII Marksmen? We recommend this weapon for all the beginners as it is easy to use with powerful output. After comparing a few ranged weapons we saw the Damage SMLE do is around 0 to 200 at a flat peak(between 40 to 80 meters). If you manage to learn how to use this weapon early then try to shot to center mass when the target is within the flat peak range and get an instant kill.

battlefield 1 smle mkiii

Another Weapon we found interestingly strong is the Martini-Henry. This weapon has a sweet spot to do a damage starting from 90 meters. The last one we would recommend is the Russian 1895 Trench which has a very fast fire rate than any other scout weapon. Along with high accuracy, high rewards and dominant at all ranges. This was all about our Sniping Weapon and mechanics in battlefield multiplayer. Do check our Battlefield 1 Wiki guide to know more about the game tweaks, tips, tricks, and cheats.

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