How to Destroy Behemoths Quickly in Battlefield 1

How to Destroy Behemoths Quickly

In Battlefield 1, Behemoths are the special vehicles meant to give an advantage to a losing team. They consist of very large vehicles like the Armored Train, The Dreadnought and The Airship which are heavily armed, high health, with accommodation for a number of players to act as gunners, in addition to providing a mobile spawn point. This Battlefield 1 guide will show the best tricks to take down the Behemoths real quick.

How to Destroy Behemoths Quickly

How to Destroy Behemoths Quickly

Tired of chasing these Behemoths? So before we begin with the real destruction part let me explain you the Behemoth's mechanics and their weaknesses. Behemoths mostly appear during Conquest or Operations matches and will spawn if one team falls far enough behind, the point difference varying with time. These Behemoth vehicles can turn the tides if the team know how to back it up, but here we are to show you the tricks for destroying each Behemoth.

Destroy Airship L30

First on our list if the Airship L30 which will appear in certain maps. The weakness for Airship L30 is the Canister shell, so try to target them first. To look from Pilot perspective, the entire Airship is a weak spot. Try spawning a light tank and flanker package then look for an incline to park. This gives your turret elevation to spam the canister auto-cannon. In no time the Gondolas are gone in 1-2 bursts with 80-120 burst.

Destroy the Dreadnought

Dreadnought in Battlefield 1 can be found on naval maps such as Empire's Edge and Fao Fortress. It can accommodate a total of 4 players and luckily it stays away from combat. There are about 6-8 Parts/sections you need to destroy and every time you destroy a part you see Part Destroyed. So instead of running left to right looking for parts, focus on destroying 75-90% of the Parts to make the ship sink.

Destroy The Armored Train

The Armored Train in battlefield 1 can be seen in both single player and multiplayer. The armored train is divided into four sections and the guns equipped has unlimited ammunition with a cool down between shots. Probably the easiest way to take down the Train is by shooting the Turrets. Every time you destroy a turret the train loses a huge amount of HP. All you need is AT rockets, field guns, and tanks to take out those turrets.

This was all about destroying the Behemoths in Battlefield 1. You can check our other guide for walkthroughs, tips, tricks and cheats only on Battlefield 1 Wiki.

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