Nothing is Written Field Manual Location - Battlefield 1

Nothing is Written Field Manual Location

Nothing is Written is the fourth Campaign Mission in Battlefield 1. Similar to The Runner, fifth War Story contains 15 Field Manuals and they are very easy to locate. This guide will show you where exactly to find all 15 Field Manuals in this campaign mission. So without any further ado, let's begin with the hunting.

Nothing is Written Field Manual Location

Field Manual Location in Nothing is Written

Hidden in Plain Sight

Field Manual 1

Once you start the mission, look around for a crashed set of train cars. This Field Manual can be found inside of the red car.

Field Manual 2 

Left of the crash site you need to follow the cliff edge up towards the top to find the Field Manual one step down of the peak.

Field Manual 3

To the left of the train crash you, just look at this Field Manual behind that rock.

Field Manual 4

Beyond the train tracks, there is a dirt path which leads to a tent where this Field Manual is hidden next to the rocks.

Field Manual 5

To find this Field Manual you will need to climb a sand dune behind the train crash. Look out for a tent once you reach the top, and then head down to find this Field Manual next to some rocks.

Young Men’s Work

Field Manual 6

Once the Mission starts, turn around and look for the village behind you. First, head into the canyons towards the right and grab this Field Manual.

Field Manual 7

Head up the hill across from the ruins to easily locate this Field Manual among a set of crates.

Field Manual 8

At the Weapons Depot area look for a white building where this Field Manual can be found on the bottom floor of the large structure in the corner of the base.

Field Manual 9

Look out for a tall water tower, and then climb up it to find this Field Manual.

Field Manual 10

The area where you get caught by the fake dispatch message(the last area) try to spot a small building off the main road and look inside that house to find this Field Manual.

Hear the Desert

Field Manual 11

Head right from the village(opposite to marked objective) and to look for a small two-part structure on the outskirts. Head inside the smallest part of the building you will find this Field Manual.

Field Manual 12 

Look for the water tower and make your way towards it until you spot an encampment made of sandbags. Just near this encampment, you will spot this Field Manual next on a rock.

Field Manual 13

On your way towards the water tower in the village simply follow the train tracks to locate this Field Manual next to a set of rocks.

Field Manual 14

Look for a small building with a blue door (next to capture Point C) and head inside then use the stairs that lead to the second floor. Now grab the Field Manual from the crate in the room with the stairs.

Field Manual 15

On your way towards the water tower, look down the hill away from the two-story compound to find the blown-out building housing with the final Field Manual collectible.

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