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Watch Dogs 2 is finally out on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (PC version is delayed to November 29). It is a sequel to 2014's Watch Dogs, developed by Ubisoft Montreal. Watch Dogs 2 takes place in San Francisco, California. Players take on the role of Marcus Holloway, a hacker and the member of the hacker group DedSec who has just one aim, TAKE DOWN CTOS 2.0. Marcus Holloway is a self-taught hacker. He is accused of a crime against Blume for hacking he did not commit.

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DedSec recruits Holloway and informs him about all the misdeeds of Blume with CTOS in Chicago. The arrival of CTOS 2.0 angers the DedSec and they declares war on the Blume in San Francisco. You as Holloway Marcus will have to reveal the plan of Blume Corporation with the CTOS.

This Watch Dogs 2 Wiki provides all campaign walkthrough, tips, and tricks, how to earn money fast, get more followers, and many other things.


  • The Introduction: Infiltrate cTOS Data Center, Shutdown, and Access cTOS Database
  • Walk in the Park: Reach the DedSec Hackerspace and Use the Skill Tree
  • Cyber Driver: Hack HMP's Studio 3 and Steal the Movie Script
  • False Profit: Meet Sitara and Download New Dawn's Profile Data, Escape the temple ground
  • Haum Sweet Haum: Meet Wrench at his Garage, Steal Haum Truck Shipment
  • Looking Glass - Investigate !Nvite’s false accounts, Explore Swelter Skelter
  • Limp Nudle - Meet Horatio, Install a Backdoor in Nudle Access Nudle’s Server Farm
  • Hacker War - Sabotage Prime_Eight Operation, Destroy Rigged ATM and Disable Lenn’s Trap
  • Watched - Locate who’s spying on DedSec, Gain Access to Dellums Tower, Infiltrate the FBI Hideout
  • Eye for an Eye - Break into the Tezcas Hangout, Meet DedSec scout, Avenge Horatio’s Death
  • Hack TEH World - Galilei’s Camera System, Seoul Power Plant, Access Blume Data
  • Shanghaied - Lighthouse in Marin, Hack in the Barge’s admin Terminal,Steal the main server tower
  • Power to the Sheeple - Infilitrate !Nvite, Thruss’s penthouse, Download Evidence
  • Robot Wars - Gather 3 EMP Parts, Plant EMP on Wrench Jr, Detonate EMP in Server Room
  • Motherload (Ending) - Download Blume Campus Code, Unlock Blume’s Vault Door, Reach Air Gap Computer

Side Operations:

More Side Operations: A few more side mission that include Ekart Challenge, Rodentia Academy, Bottom Dollar, Pink Slips, Bad Publicity, Infected Bytes, ProviBlues, and Ghost Signals. Most of them are having simple objectives. 

Ekart Challenge:

This side mission appears at the initial part of game, it consist of wining a few ekart race by reaching the location point. Go to the Kart are on the map to start the mission. The race is not having any complicated twist, you need to stay ahead to win. Also once you are done with playing the race, try to find eKart batteries. There will be approx three race with few collectibles like the battery mentioned before and a microchip. You will get this in between the objectives.

Rodentia Academy:

This one is fairly simple mission where you will need to rack people with rat mask. The first mission is to find a Dedsec follower who will offer you three location of this mask people. Go and hack each of them. Later Josh will provide you the location of Rodentia Academy HQ. Find the cTOS panel on the roof and hack the security camera. Hack the server and then move to the next location. Search for the brick building and trigger a explosion to destroy targets. 

Bottom Dollar:

Reach the location to get an exploit in all ATMS that are linked with cTOS. At the location hack the cTOS box first and get the control on ATM. Find another one that is in the underground garage then go for the third one. In the same way you will need to find a few of them and hack all of them. You can either reward anyone with giving money or simply hack his/her account. 

Pink Slips:

each to the marker location to gather an Intel for the side mission. The objective of this mission is to investigate the layoff done by Pharmingstons Company. For the first objective hack the cTOS box at the first location and then solve the node puzzle. After that you will be able to hack the security cameras inside the building. Hack the laptop to get emails. The next thing is to access Blume Panel and finally reward the employees with bonus.

Bad Publicity:  

The objective of this mission is to expose Pro-Lapz who is using DedSec identity. Reach the roof at the location and hack the cTOS box. Hack the security camera of his apartment and hack the phone first to Dail 911. You will require putting him in the suspicious zone so that police can arrest him. 

Infected Bytes:

In this mission you will need to find who has infected your system with Zombi2 Virus. First job is to find three phones that are infected with the virus. So that you can trace its source. The next thing is to find the gang territory and find HaDOCK. 


The objective of this side mission is to take down ProviBlues Insurance Company. Go the location and hack the employee’s phone and then go to the company building. You will find the cTOS panel on the west of the building. Hack the camera and then inside the apartment look for the laptop of VP. Add a virus so that DedSec can rewrite the algorithm. Next is to follow the CFO and CEO and destroy them. 

Ghost Signals:  

The mission begins when you gather Intel at the location and then hack the satellite for tracking the signal source. At the location you will need to hack the server inside. There is a 52Hz puzzle in it, just hack the router and solve the node puzzle to get out. Once done get out and use Net Hack to find the signal. You can use the drone above the signal to hack the antenna. Hack all the signal and then hack the cTOS box later in the cemetery. Next using NetHack hack the security cameras and then hack the server. 

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