Introduction : The Last Guardian Part 1 Walkthrough

The Last Guardian first part mostly goes with the introduction of Trico and the boy. Also it will show you how to control the boy. It begins with a small cut scene. The gamepad controllers appears on the top left of the screen.

Introduction : The Last Guardian Part 1 Walkthrough

Part 1 Introductions

After the cut scene follow on screen instructions to learn the controls. The boy is unconscious and will wake up to see Trico, a giant beast injured and unable to move. The aim of this chapter is to free the creature and setup a co-ordination that will help you to move ahead in further levels.

Free and Feed Trico:

After the cut scene move and remove the spear from Trico’s leg. Move towards the backside and use a small stone platform to jump over Trico’s back leg. Pull out the spear. Then look at the left of Trico’s location you will see two glowing barrels on extreme left and on the extreme right. Throw the barrel down first and then take them near Trico, through towards him.


After feeding both the barrels there is a third one is on the extreme left, pull the liver down to open the grill door.  Trico I will not eat if you stand in front of him, throw the barrel towards him and keep the distance. Trico will not stand unless he eats all three of them.


For the final move after feeding the barrels, climb Trico and pull out the spear from right shoulder. Later after the boy wakes up, you will learn a new control to call Trico. Now climb on him and pull the liver on this neck to remove the chain. Then Trico will follow you wherever you go.


Find Illuminate Mirror:

Take a left from the place where you found the second and third barrel. Go at the back side of Trico and climb on his back. Jump on the stone platform and throw the barrel down to feed him.


There is a small tunnel, at the place where you picked the barrel. Pass through it and take left, pass through a small passage in the wall that will take you to a cold zone with a huge well and a stone coffin type structure ahead.


Climb the coffin and pickup the Illuminate mirror placed just above the head. This mirror will be used to use Trico’s power.  Pick the mirror and get back outside from where you had entered the place, Trico will be sleeping.


Wherever you illuminate the mirror, lighting will blaze from Trico’s tail to destroy the target.  Walk back to the mail cave where Trico was captivated, just ahead you will see a path blocked by rocks, use the mirror to open the path.


The Outer World:

Now move ahead from the entrance and Trico will follow you. The path in between is blocked by some pots, use the mirror to destroy them. You will enter a place with waterfall and lake. Next you will need to make Trico jump in the water. First jump in the lake and swim to the place with a lamp burning, it is on the left, use the Mirror to destroy the path blocked by wood logs. Get in and use the chain to climb up. There is a box with three barrels, push it down.


Pickup them one by one and throw it in the water, you can feed all of them. Trico will jump in the water to eat the barrels. Jump in the water, swim towards the waterfall and see at the left you will see a passage. You have to call Trico to climb over it. Walk straight and then climb up the short wall ahead with a small tunnel with lights coming out. It will take you and Trico to the outer world.


After coming out from the tunnel, the boy says farewell to Trico, but he follows him. So this was the end of first chapter of the game. You can continue to the next Part 2: Escaping The Trico or you can also check out The Last Guardian Wiki guide to know more about the game walkthrough, tips, tricks, and cheats.

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