Escaping The Trico: The Last Guardian Part 2 Walkthrough

In Part 2, the boy helps Trico to move ahead through an old monument and finally reaching to a place where Trico turns out to be savage, your mission is to escape him.

Escaping The Trico: The Last Guardian Part 2 Walkthrough

Part 2: Escaping The Trico

Finding the path:

The next chapter begins when Trico is out in the open. This is a long puzzle type level, where you have to find a way out of the area. Once you are out with Trico take a right and you will see a small rocky passage at the mountain edge. Keep moving and use the chains if there is no path.


Use the mirror to destroy a wooden blocked door, it will open a path for you, use the fallen column to reach on the other end. Take a left towards the stairs.


Again take right and enter a huge hall through small opening. Trico won’t be able to enter, so take stairs to the right side, and then again take a right turn up. Call Trico from the broken passage.


Straight ahead you can find one barrel that you can feed to Trico, use the mirror to destroy the debris. And then get back to the mail hall from where you had taken the stairs before. It is on your right side if you picked up the barrel to feed Trico.


Now take right towards another stairs and reach the small entrance from where you had entered the hall. Call Trico there and climb on him.


Now jump on the right wall, go up on three level and move to the right side unless you reach a chain in front of you. Hop on the chain and go up. There is an entrance towards the left side, call Trico there and keep walking ahead until you reach a cave with small entrance on the left and grass in middle.


The small left entrance has a barrel; main passage is at the front side. Call Trico and use the mirror to open the path. Walk straight, take a small tunnel on the right side between rocks. Once you are out call Trico.


You have to move towards the right side of the forest, until you reach an ancient column. Call Trico there and take him straight towards the end. Climb him and he will take you further ahead.


After crossing the wall, get down and take the stairs ahead and then take a right. Keep following the stairs to up and then again take a right towards a window. As the left path is blocked by a door, the lever is on the other side.

The Entrance:


Call Trico, climb on him and jump towards the first open window from left. The next part is bit tricky as you have to hang move on the thin edges of stones on the wall. You have to reach a window on the left.


Then jump forward move to the left. As the path ends, jump down and catch the below edge. Now again move left and climb up, finally jump towards the window to left.


To get down, hang and use the column on the left side. Don’t jump directly and pull the lever to open the door.


Move ahead and take the first left. Use the mirror to destroy the wooden planks. Get down by hanging on the edges from left or right side and then call Trico at the end.


After getting down you will see a mysterious structure caged, Trico goes mad due to its influence and eats the boy, which is the end of first Part 2 of the game. You can continue to the next Part 3:Fight Guards and Stop Smoke or you can also check out The Last Guardian Wiki guide to know more about the game walkthrough, tips, tricks, and cheats.

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