Fight Guards and Stop Smoke Distracting Trico : The Last Guardian Part 3 Walkthrough

Before the next cut scene, the boy is trying to pass with Trico ahead to get out of the vicinity. He was first attacked by Trico, but later he found to be safe. The boy and Trico also encounter guards in this part.

Stop Smoke Distracting Trico and Escape prison : The Last Guardian Part 3 Walkthrough

Part 3 of The Last Guardian: Escape Antenna Room, Fight Guards, Stop Smoke Distracting Trico

After the last cut scene when Trico eats the boy, he wakes up again safe. Trico seems unconscious. Use Trico’s tail and go one level down.


Move ahead and then take left to a small passage that will take you to a small underground tunnel. Keep moving straight ahead for a short cut scene that showcases few guards.


At the end take left and then another left towards a small opening. Climb up from the left stairs on wall and then pull the liver.


Get down and just opposite to the door go straight towards Trico, not behind where the guards are standing. Trico is unconscious but as the guards chase you he will attack them. After the fight climb on Trico and clam him.


After guards are destroyed move ahead with Trico. He won’t be able to come much deeper. After passing a short entrance call him so that he can push his face ahead.


Climb on his face to reach an upper level. Now jump ahead on the wooden column ahead. Walk through the zig zag path to reach a chain in the end. Jump on the chain and climb up. You will come out of a well in the open.

the-last-guardian-part-3-image-6 the-last-guardian-part-3-image-7

Take left, walk straight towards the area where Trico was lying unconscious. Call and climb on him. He will jump towards a column ahead. Try to pet him if he does not respond.


Trico will stuck his face in opening at the right as he is attracted with the scent coming out of the pot inside. He will not move unless you close the pot. So go inside first pull the pot in front of middle door and then get out. Trico will put his head in the center, then climb on him and jump on the roof. Catch the leaves hanging from the roof. At the right you will see a small opening with smoke coming out. Go inside, and then close the pot lid.

the-last-guardian-part-3-image-9 the-last-guardian-part-3-image-10

Once you close the pot cover, Trico will be ready. In order to move him ahead, take the stone stairs at the right side and then again a small stair that will take you out of small broken wall.

the-last-guardian-part-3-image-11 the-last-guardian-part-3-image-12

Hide behind the wall, when Trico is not able to see you, he will jump on the wall, get back, and use his tail to limb up. The new passage is to the right side.

the-last-guardian-part-3-image-13 the-last-guardian-part-3-image-14

Enter the passage, Trico will follow you, climb on him and he will take you ahead to a next place. Once Trico reaches an open place jump down.

A next cut scene shows a mysterious beast on the top of towers. We consider this as an end of Part 3 of the game. You can continue to the next Part 4: Command Trico and Blue Smoke Pot or you can also check out The Last Guardian Wiki guide to know more about the game walkthrough, tips, tricks, and cheats.

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