New Beast, Command Trico, Unlocking Doors and Blue Smoke Pot: The Last Guardian Part 4 Walkthrough

In Part 4 we begin after the next cut scene when a new beast appears in the game. Later the boy and Trico keeps moving ahead to solve puzzle and make their way out. In this part you will be opening different doors so that Trico can follow you. You will also learn how to use commands to control Trico.

New Beast, Command Trico, Unlocking Doors and Blue Smoke Pot: The Last Guardian Part 4 Walkthrough

Part 4 of The Last Guardian: New Beast, Command Trico, Unlocking Doors and Blue Smoke Pot

A New Beast in the Ruins:

After Trico and the boy’s attention grabbed by a new beast that is on the top of monster, they begin their journey ahead. This was a mystery what really was that creature. At the backside there is an entrance with burning torch outside.


At the right end there is a broken structure, climb it and jump on the column towards left. Trico will be sitting on top, use the tail to climb.

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Climb on his head and jump at the small platform then move left and reach a broken wooden bridge. There is a barrel at the window, feed Trico. Go straight backwards till you reach stairs and then pull the liver to open a big metal door. Trico will jump through the same.

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Call Trico to kill the guards:

Take right from the entrance follow stairs to down. Then take left and first right. You will reach a broken gallery, you can jump down, and there are guards in the area. Call Trico for help. Pet him after the battle is over.


Later ride Trico and he will assist you to climb on an upper platform with an entrance ahead, there are burning torches around. It is easy to spot.


From the entrance keep taking right turns, until you reach a broken floor. There is water on the lower level and few guards on the left. Call Trico for help, and skip the guards by running around.


Free Trico’s Tail trapped in a door:

Next move left and then take first right towards an iron ladder. Climb up and take right. Keep moving ahead and call Trico so that he can follow you.& While moving ahead, take first left, to reach a small cabin with a liver. Pull the liver, and run fast there is a guard in the room, Trico’s tail will get stuck in a door.

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To free Trico, walk straight from the cabin where you pulled the liver, and try to skip a few guards ahead, at the right you will see a ladder that will take you to a chamber on the right. Take the stairs down and turn left and pull the chain to free Trico.

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To come outside, turn back move towards right, pass two stairs and take stairs from a left open window. Then move ahead towards a path blocked by a guard. Call Trico.


Pet Trico after battle:

Pet Trico after he goes mad on the guard, and then take left towards a locked door, the boy can pass through the same. walk straight and you will enter into an open ruined place with wooden boxes. Call Trico. There are few barrels in the boxes, feed them to Trico.


Command Trico to follow:

Next command Trico to take you to a column ahead. Climb on his head and use commands to control Trico.& Jump on the right side and follow a narrow stairs up towards a tiny entrance.& Pull the liver on right.

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Call Trico and jump on him, you can feed him a barrel on the left top side. Command Trico. Now use him to jump on the left side, a floor with tiny grass. Take him to the left where at top you will see a broken wooden platform. Use commands to control Trico, and then jump towards the platform.

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Then take a right and walk straight, you will find a small wooden plank, cross it, take left and use the edges to climb up into a hole in the wall.

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Unlocking the Door 1:

After passing that you will enter into a room with huge wood paths on the roof. The objective is to move to the extreme right to pull the liver. Take right, go to the first wooden structure and then move ahead, jump on another one and hang to the right. Then again jump ahead and jump on the left side and jump left downwards.


Go ahead and take right. Move ahead, you can hang, jump to catch the logs to move ahead. Finally you will reach a column on the wall that will take you down towards the liver. There are different paths by which you can find the way. This will let Trico to enter the ruins.


Unlocking Door 2:

Now move towards the next door that is locked. To open you have to use Trico. Call him and first pet him. Command him to put you on the top side near the burning torches.


Go up, take ladder on the right and then pass through the hole on left side. You will end up outside the ruins. Now move slowly towards the left side and then hang down. Keep moving toward left finally at the end you will reach another hole.


Glide through that and there is a similar puzzle where you have to walk on the wooden blocks to reach the liver. This time the liver is on the ground. Move straight, jump and take a left. Then again move left, and follow the right path. Jump down and you will see a column below. Jump on it. Go down pull the chain liver to open the door. There will be few guards, Trico will take them out. Just climb on him to avoid them.


Unlocking Door 3:

Now there is a third door ahead, pet him on the head to move ahead. Jump ahead and take an entrance to the left. Outside on the right side there is a liver. Pull it and use the ladder towards the left to get down.& Call Trico on rock bridge, if he stops push the glass window down.& Climb him and command him jump up left. Keep moving left with Trico and turn backward toward next platform. Jump on the right then. Finally jump into the window on the top side.


The Blue Smoke Pot:

Now in the next place there are doors that Trico cannot pass. Climb on Trico and command him to reach the wall on the left with a liver on it. Or you can use the chain hanging from the roof. Climb Trico and command him to go near the chain the jump on it. Grab the chain, go up and then jump on the right side on the stairs. Pull the liver and a lamp will burn in one of the columns in the area.


The next challenge is to get down safely, call Trico first. If he is not listening, try calling him a few times, you can climb him and command him to jump over the next column. There is a wooden path that will take you towards stairs entrance ahead.


In the next place you have to go down to pull the liver. One way is to jump towards the cage ahead, climb it and then jump at the front side towards wall. Then use the chain to go further down and jump on right gallery. Go down and pull the liver.


A chain with some liquid emitting blue smoke will come down. Pickup that and take the stairs on the right. Go up, take left towards top and then one more left. Keep the pot aside and open the door by lifting the blocked plan. Then take the pot outside from the right path, throw it down and jump on the chain to reach ground. Then hang it on the chain, Trico will pull the pot to lift the door.


We will end Part 4 here, You can continue to the next Part 5: Destroy Eye Shape Glasses, Symbols and Save Trico or you can also check out The Last Guardian Wiki guide to know more about the game walkthrough, tips, tricks, and cheats.

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